Winners all the way

Published by Community Manager on 11 July 2023

Winners all the way

When it comes to an online community, there is no buzz louder than the one heard from the Club Mahindra Community. And what keeps the noise going are the number of exciting contests and fun-filled activities, along with a plethora of other engagement stuff that it hosts 365 days a year.


It all started with an activity designed for our younger audience on the occasion of World Art Day. In this contest, kids were tasked with illustrating one of their special holiday moments. The event saw an unbelievable number of participants, and here are the young winners of the contest who have won Amazon gift vouchers. 

  1. Radhika Agarwal
  2. Raj Malde
  3. S Vishnu
  4. Shriyans Mohapatra
  5. Parth Sadashiv Wadekar

See their art here


The other contest that saw immense participation was the "Caption It To Win It" Contest! In this contest, the members were given a picture and asked to give it a quirky caption. The participation was immense, and after much deliberation, we found our list of winners who won 500 Trip Coins.

  1. Shubhangi Kothare
  2. Ramanathan
  3. Ashima Aggarwal

See their winning entries below


Our highly rewarding loyalty program saw quite a few winners this time. Here are winners to referred their friends successfully and won exciting prizes!

  1. Manish Avlani won a Maldives Holiday
  2. Tapas Kumar Kotal won a Dubai Holiday
  3. Rameshkumar KI won a Goa Holiday
  4. Amit Meshram won a Kerala Holiday
  5. Reena S won a Gangtok Holiday

Want to try your hand at winning a holiday too? Click here

Then there was an exciting activity called "Member Spotlight", in which we asked our members to share their quirky and interesting travel stories. Again, the participation received was huge, and we had to be on our toes to pick the best. Each one of them has won 1000 Trip Coins and been featured on the community.

  1. Rajiv Sharma
  2. Kiran Dave
  3. Avanindra Soni

See their entries here

Last but not least was the #Wonderkids activity. In this activity, we asked our young members to showcase their talents and achievements. We came across an unbelievable talent pool. The below-mentioned kids have been featured on the community and have won 500 Trip Coins each.

  1. Aashman Tiwari
  2. Sanvi P
  3. Ananya Goradia

See the winner's entries here

In case you could not participate in any of these activities, don’t fret. The Club Mahindra Community hosts tons of exciting and interesting activities throughout the year. All you have to do is be an active part of the Club Mahindra Community. Stay tuned! See our latest contest here

Winners all the way
Winners all the way
Winners all the way
Winners all the way
Winners all the way