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The Queen of Hills retains her pride by surrounding herself with mountains, rivers, dams, forests and plantations. The Nilgiris or the Blue Mountains form a part of the Western Ghats and the jungles around comprise of the rich biodiversity hot spot, the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. Even though the British discovered Ooty or Ootacamund and made it their summer getaway, the hill station has been around for ages, home to several indigenous tribes who have enriched the region with their cultures and hence, it is a supreme location for a family holiday.


Nestled in this pristine world, streaked in shades of emerald and turquoise, is our Club Mahindra Poovar island resort, where you’ll lose yourself in a dreamy, luxuriant world. On either banks of the river, coconut trees bow down and play the role of sunblock for you. Little palm-fringed islands greet you as you go on a backwater cruise. And white sandy beaches lay out the perfect promenade for a balmy evening stroll. This is where you’ll bond with your family and let urban chaos fade away. This is one of those resorts in Poovar where you’ll float away into a tranquil zone.


Located in Karnataka’s verdant Coorg district, Virajpet is about 35 kms away from Madikeri and is equally mesmerizing. As the plains give way to the hills and the road begins to curve upwards, the wide vistas of forested slopes and valleys act as a soothing balm. There are thick jungles, paddy fields, and coffee plantations interspersed with pepper and cardamom plants. In between are little streams and rivulets, occasional waterfalls during the monsoons, and then there is the river Cauvery, revered by the Kodavas.


Kerala’s backwaters are a class of their own and a phenomenon unique to this state. In bare terms, they are endless brackish lagoons and large water bodies running parallel to the Arabian Sea. Across the backwaters stretches, it is common to find many types of Kettuvallam (houseboats) which offer tourists a fabulous way of experiencing Kerala’s backwaters. It is in these backwaters that Alleppey, nicknamed the Venice of the East, is located. It has a large number of canals, surrounded by pristine natural beauty, lush green fields, swaying palms and fresh blues skies.


When in Kerala the picturesque Cherai just North of Kochi, is the perfect location for a laid back and peaceful holiday with your family. Besides being the ideal beach destination, there are many more activities to try along with discovering the rich culture and cuisine of Cherai. Enjoy the surf, sand, calm waters and stunning views of the coast while you pamper yourself with facilities the beach resorts in Cherai have to offer. Take a trip soon after the monsoons for cool and pleasant weather to get the ultimate experience of this breath-taking destination with your loved ones.


Pondicherry, also known as Puducherry or more lovingly called Pondy, is beautifully perched on India’s Eastern coast and exhibits a charming amalgamation of Tamil and French culture, apart from offering a roiling mix of history and spirituality. One should wander around the delightfully quirky French Quarter or White Town. And then there are the beautiful beaches, heaven-like serenity and the profound Aurobindo connection.


Located on the verdant Kerala-Tamil Nadu border, Thekkady has one of the country’s most beautiful wildlife sanctuaries inhabited by elephants and tigers, and green landscapes, tall hills and expansive plantations. Amidst the hills you can observe tiny dwellings and meandering roads that make for a fantastic drive. In the middle of such environs, at an altitude of 2,700 feet above sea level, you shall find our Club Mahindra Thekkady resort, built in traditional Indian ‘machan’ style. The property is surrounded by dense plantations of coffee, cardamom, pepper and teak and fruit trees.


Club Mahindra Ashtamudi Kerala Located in the lush district of Kollam is one of the largest lakes in Kerala, second only in size to the famous Vembanad lake. Club Mahindra Ashtamudi is easily accessible from Tiruvananthapuram (90 kms) and Kochi (175 kms) and the closest town with a rail head is Kollam or Quilon at 18 kms, located on the banks of the lake. The lake which branches out like the eight arms of an octopus is called “Ashtamudi” meaning eight cones in the local language. Small towns and villages lie huddled together on its banks, surrounded by a fabric of green and blue.


Madikeri is a hill station and the vibrant capital of Coorg. Nestling in the Western Ghats, the district is one of the most beautiful ones in the state. It is verdant and filled with nature’s splendor that spans innumerable shades of green. Driving in, the plains gradually give way to mountain ranges and as the road begins to curve upwards, the wide vistas of mountains transport visitors to another world. Surrounding these vistas are valleys, sholas, paddy fields, grasslands, orange orchards, and coffee, pepper and cardamom plantations.


Verdant and lush, Munnar is blessed with green hills, valleys, forests and of course, the famous tea plantations. The magic of Munnar in Kerala’s Western Ghats begins much before you reach the little hill town. The drive is exciting with the road winding around hillsides accompanied by sprawling tea estates and stunning views beyond. It is particularly fantastic in the morning with swirling mists and moving clouds, changing subtly at every turn. And when you wish to visit this heaven-like land, you need not see the time.


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