A tropical paradise where only a quiet creek heralds your welcome. This is Chunnambar Beach. Situated 8 kms from Puducherry, along the Cuddalore Main Road is Plage Paradiso or ‘Paradise Beach’ as it is called. Sail downstream to the sands and pitch up a cosy seaside tent to take in the serendipitous sights that reside here. Or you could choose to do an overnight stay at one of the quaint treehouses on the backwaters here. Either way, this is  a great break from the busy lifestyle of the city.

Located near the mouth of the backwater, Chunnambar prides itself on pristine sands and clean waters. Do you love sunbathing? Then you’ll love this piece of heaven. And if you’re a big fan of water sports, then delight in a plethora of them, right here. Want to see dolphins play in their natural habitat? Then take a short, pleasant cruise into the sea and you’ll be rewarded with the most delightful sight. The dolphins are a playful lot and you’ll giggle as much as your kids – so laughter is guaranteed!

Take a boat, go sailing and squint at the sun. That’s what Chunnambar was made for. For here, golden rays will caress the serene waves, while seagulls soar high. And you’ll wonder ‘how beautiful life can be’. How about a day spent playing beach volleyball? You could work up a sweat and then relax over a picnic basket at the beach. Lie down, listen to your favourite music and let the peace surround you. For at Chunnambar, time may move at its own pace – and you’ll never realise it.

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