You’ve heard of this concept. Now it’s time to experience it at Club Mahindra resorts. The freshness of farm-fresh produce is cooked expertly and brought straight to your table.

Farm to Fork, also known as Farm to Table, is about fresh vegetables and fruits that directly reaches the restaurant from the farm, without the interference of a market, store or distributor in the middle. The produce received is typically unadulterated and organic, which makes it healthier than store-bought fruits and vegetables. Fascinated already?

Then imagine this. At Club Mahindra Kanha you can experience the fascinating concept of Farm to Fork dining, at some of our mini farms located near the resort itself. What’s more, you can walk around plucking the vegetables of their choice and hand it over to our chef to prepare, who in turn will cook a regional specialty or dish of your choice. The cooking is always simple and wholesome – so as to let the ingredients shine! Be it a fresh potato salad or smoked bell peppers and mushrooms, mango ice cream or cold watermelon soup. Imagine the wealth of learning this could bring to your kids – who will understand the value of growing, harvesting and making nutritious food, in front of their eyes.

Across the rest of the world, Farm to Fork is more than a dining experience, it is a movement to preserve what is fresh, natural and good for the environment and us. For us at Club Mahindra, it is even more than all of this. It is our chance to include you in an experience that is both involved, intensive and above all, nurtured with love!

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Club Mahindra Kanha


Invest in a lifetime of wonderful holiday memories.

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