Your journey to Puducherry can be enriched with a unique historical experience. Built to honour the soldiers who lost their lives during World War I, the French Memorial is a place you should definitely visit.

Built in 1937, the memorial comprises a bronze sculpture that represents Joseph Marquis Dupleix’s advent in 1742. Four white columns circle the statue of a soldier that rests on a rifle with the inscription, ‘Aux combattants des Indes Françaises morts pour la Patrie, 1914 – 1918'.

If you happen to visit Puducherry in July, you should visit the monument on the 14th, which is Bastille Day, the National Day of France. In the memory of the fallen soldiers, the building is illuminated and people from all over Puducherry come to pay their respects. The architecture of this memorial connotes an old-world charm and tells the story of its intriguing past.

The monument itself is a sight to behold. But you can only witness the large metal plaque on the rear when the area is opened on Bastille Day. The monument is just a few steps away from the beach, which allows you to get a good view. The significance of the memorial has attracted many filmmakers. Several scenes of the comedy Hindi movie, “One Two Three’, have featured this beautiful landmark. For an even appealing sight, head to this lovely location at dawn when the sun rays bring out the greys of this memorial.

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