Nestled in the Western Himalayas is the pristine and picturesque Himachal Pradesh, a hub for family fun. Crystal clear skies, courtesy of minimal dust and pollution, make this northern Indian state an ideal place for Club Mahindra’s signature experience of Stargazing! Our resorts in Mashobra near Shimla will organise this mesmerising activity that is sure to take your breath away. Are you ready for an astronomical night? Because, we can’t wait to leave you spellbound.

Perched at an altitude of 450 to 6,826 metres above sea level, Himachal Pradesh feels like it touches the stars. So, take out those binoculars. Or, make use of that telescope. This is your opportunity to have a dreamy, fantastical time with your family and friends. Learn of the brightest stars in the sky such as Sirius, Canopus, Rigil Kentaurus, Arcturus, Vega, Capella, Rigel, Procyon, Achernar and Betelgeuse. Get creative and trace shapes out of the stars! What patterns do you see? Compete with your siblings to see who can spot the most silhouettes. Whether you wish to deepen your knowledge base and or simply have a little fun, we provide you with the backdrop to do so. Sprawl out on the lush, emerald green lawn. Look up at the sky and marvel at the sparkling stars that resemble tiny diamonds. Doesn’t this sound extraordinary?

With Club Mahindra, you can witness many such magnificent experiences across 100+ resorts in India and abroad! To know more about stargazing, read the Club Mahindra reviews and decide for yourself.

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