Ramayana – a significant Sanskrit Epic of India. Hanuman – one of the central characters of the epic. It is to this deity, son of the Wind-God, that the Jakhoo temple has been dedicated to. An immensely popular tourist attraction near the Club Mahindra resort at Shimla, Jakhoo Hanuman temple is worth every minute of your time.

The temple is situated 2455 feet above sea level, on the Jakhoo hill, Shimla’s highest peak. The temple is accessible by foot, horse, taxi or ropeway. If you want to be a bit adventurous, we recommend that you hike to the temple. The Jakhoo hill is Shimla’s highest peak, so you can be rest assured that after your trek, you will be rewarded well. Trek to the Stunning Jakhoo Hill Hanuman Temple and Admire Stunning Views of Shimla. Not just the views of Shimla, but also of the grand Shivalik mountain range.

According to the story, the temple came into being when Lord Hanuman was on his way to the Himalayas in search of the medicinal herb Sanjeevani, which would save Lakshman’s (Lord Ram’s younger brother) life. He was on his way to Dronagiri (the mountain where the herb would be found), but he didn’t know what it looked like. During his flight, he spotted a sage meditating on the Jakhoo hill.  Hanuman stopped there to ask the sage about the herb. Because he stepped on to the mountain, a temple was formed.

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