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Vaibhav Jain The Sunrise Chasers
Sachin bhor The Family Royal
Manish Sharma- The Kings of Adventure The Kings of adventure
Amrita Ganguly The Mountain Super Kings

The Perfect Strategic Timeout


If your family seeks out an adrenaline rush from holidays, we have some of the best heart-racing adventures in store. Get. Set. Go!

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A Day at Club Mahindra Assonora, Goa

Looking for a home, away from home? Head to Assonora with your family for fun, adventure, comfort, and more! Top-notch ambience to numerous activities to explore, here you'd never get bored!

Make every experience count

A perfect family holiday is all about the right mix of experiences. Learn the secrets of Goan cooking and soak in the glamour of Goan-themed nights, explore the golden shores of the beaches - have a family holiday of a kind. Experience the best combination of recreation & relaxation at Club Mahindra Assonora, Goa.

This charming holiday destination is where hills and valleys create poetry.

Fly like a bird on the zipline, savour a scrumptious Himachali Thali or trek to a nearby valley.

You and your family will never fall short of things to do at Club Mahindra Kandaghat.

Soak in splendid views and relish 22 different kinds of kebabs at Barbecue Bay, our specialty restaurant.

A holiday stay that opens the gates of pure bliss.

Club Mahindra Virajpet is famed for its wonderful location amidst thick jungles, paddy fields, and coffee plantations.

Celebrate life through adventurous activities.

Hop onto a jeep and navigate the mysterious jungle. Discover the fine art of coffee making. Feel the adrenaline rush as you cruise on your ATV ride. Watch baby elephants frolicking in the water. Camp under the starry sky. With contemporary facilities and activities galore, a memorable family holiday awaits.

The Family Royals

Fancy a royal lifestyle? Well, here are a few holidays that immerse your family in regal heritage and hospitality. We await your arrival, your highness!

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A holiday home full of nature, culture, history and adventure.

Against the backdrop of scenic Aravalli Hills and the Thar desert stands the Club Mahindra Udaipur resort- reminiscent of traditional Rajputana hospitality yet well-equipped with every modern comfort.

Live like royalty with unique dining experiences.

Embrace majestic dining like kings and queens at Club Mahindra Udaipur, Rajasthan. Delight your taste buds with the flavours of Rajasthani cuisine. Embark on a special cultural holiday with your family!

Experience splendour at your family holiday

The scenic beauty of the outdoors is matched by the luxury indoors, at our Kumbhalgarh resort.

Paint your days with happiness

From waking up to pristine views of the sun to getting adventurous for more fun, your stay at Club Mahindra Kumbhalgarh is nothing short of magical. Sightsee, swim, hit the spa, or go wild at a paintball game with your family, grab your ticket to a royal & refreshed holiday.

Every day on your Club Mahindra Jaisalmer holiday will have you feeling like royalty.

Wake up to sumptuous delicacies, fit for a king. Engage in a day filled with experiences that bring alive the destination’s authentic culture and history.

The ‘Golden City’ gives you countless holiday memories.

Learn the sport of archery, go on a desert safari, enjoy a traditional Rajasthani Ghoomar performance and more.


Mountain vistas, treks, nature trails. If these sound-like must-haves to your family for a perfect holiday, come right this way.

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This charming holiday destination is where hills and valleys create poetry.

Fly like a bird on the zipline, savour a scrumptious Himachali Thali or trek to a nearby valley.

You and your family will never fall short of things to do at Club Mahindra Kandaghat.

Soak in splendid views and relish 22 different kinds of kebabs at Barbecue Bay, our specialty restaurant.

The hamlet of Naldehra is nothing short of paradise.

In the middle of this paradise, watched over by mighty mountains and hugged by pine, cedar and birch trees, is this beautiful Club Mahindra resort.

Open your treasure trove of delights

Bond with your family like never before, explore indoor and outdoor activities and spend priceless moments under nature’s canopy! At Club Mahindra Pristine Peaks, Naldehra, with the glistening mountain views, there’s a lot more entertainment to complement your family’s mood.

At Club Mahindra Binsar Villa, everyone finds their holiday bliss.

Relax in one-of-a-kind tree houses with views of the majestic Himalayas. Trek amidst pine-scented trees.

Binsar Villa, your getaway to splendid adventures.

Bring alive your inner child at Club Mahindra Binsar Villa, Uttarakhand and be a part of exciting outdoor activities with your family. What’s more? You can also witness the sheer beauty of the Almora hills. Now that’s what we call magical holidays!


Say the road calls, and your family answers, every time. Then, here are the road-trips they’ll love. Drives as pretty as the holidays they lead to. Zoom away!

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For the love of nature and stunning hills. For adventure and serenity.

A host of reasons make Club Mahindra Sherwood, Mahabaleshwar your perfect family holiday escape! Soak in the modern day luxury and comfort or trek up the slopes to be a spectator of marvellous scenic views. Get set to have fun!

Say hello to kaleidoscopic views and pretty hues.

Take a scenic nature trail. Pluck fresh strawberries at a farm. Savour local delicacies. Create special memories under the stars. Discover all this and more with your family in Club Mahindra Sherwood, Mahabaleshwar.

A way of life, than just a resort.

Floating cottages and luminous backwaters make Club Mahindra Ashtamudi, a place right out of a fairytale.

Witness the beauty of regal traditions.

What's better than embracing the paradise at Kerala along with art showcasing a spellbinding storyline? On your family holiday, these Kathakali performances will make your experience more magical, here at Club Mahindra Ashtamudi.

A perfect holiday home in South Goa.

Step into a world of pristine sand, turquoise water and Portuguese-inspired architecture. From sunrise to sunset, an array of possibilities opens-up to families to cherish.

Rise, shine and feel the unbridled joy of family holidays!

Every minute you spend with your family in Club Mahindra Emerald Palms, will become a memory you will reminisce forever. The rhythmic vibe of the resort encompassed with lush greenery and out-of-the-box activities make it a favourite for children too! Visit soon, the theme nights, pool parties and outdoor games await you.


The thought of following the rising and setting sun amidst the hills refreshes your family? We’ve just the holiday for you. Come, experience the view!

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This is where old-world charm marries modern architecture.

Our quaint cottages spell magic and transport you to a different time altogether.

Feel the rush of adrenaline and conquer new heights.

Rekindle the love for setting foot outdoors and embrace the fun of new activities with your family.

When playtime is over, relax amidst nature at Club Mahindra Munnar. This is the perfect destination for you to explore the best of both worlds!

Chase an experience to feed your soul with sunrise and sumptuous food after.

Stay amidst flower-scented meadows and towering mountains. Reminisce your childhood as you engage in some mountain cycling amidst Sikkim’s beauty.

Chase adventurous experiences

On your stay at Club Mahindra Gangtok, go all out with activities that thrill you. Amidst the beautiful hills and valleys, celebrate togetherness with your beloved family!

A holiday home in nature's heart.

At Club Mahindra Kanatal, you are bound to be engaged and thrilled. Chasing a sunrise here makes for the best view ever.

There are plenty of experiences to indulge your every mood.

Relish the local Garhwali thali, dance the night away at our Bollywood theme party, embrace the starry night sky as you spend the night huddled in a tent with your loved ones, go on a jeep safari, jungle walks, white water rafting, rock climbing and more. Embark on your journey of a fun-filled holiday.


If your family lives to eat, our holidays have so much to offer. Carefully prepared and deliciously plated to pamper you. Bon Appetit!

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A must-visit for lovers of royal palaces and delicious food.

The scenic beauty of the outdoors is matched by the luxury indoors, at our Kumbhalgarh resort

Indulge in all things Rajputana.

Soak in the natural heritage of Mewar. Seek blessings at the ancient Ranakpur Jain Temples. And enjoy a feast only fit for the royals. Need we say more?

A rich and fascinating culture to discover

Step into a traditional Kodagu style resort where old-world charm blends with contemporary aesthetics and spacious rooms.

Say yes to coffee tasting!

Amidst flourishing orchards and hills, satiate the coffee lover in you! At Club Mahindra Madikeri, be treated to your very own coffee cupping experience. Sounds tasty and brew-tiful, right?

This is where old-world charm marries modern architecture.

Our quaint cottages spell magic and transport you to a different time altogether.

Indulge in a delicious Sadhya lunch to soothe your soul.

Surprise your palate with the medley of spices and let the aroma give you a mini tour of South India. Revel in the joy of eating wholesome food with your family at Club Mahindra Munnar.


When nature at its wildest is where your family is at its happiest? If that’s how you roll, here’s where you holiday next. Come take the challenge?

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Stay in luxury tents. Spot a majestic tiger or two!

At Club Mahindra Kanha, adventure meets opulence. A family holiday at this glorious destination is worth cherishing forever.

Experience wildlife like never before.

Located on the banks of the Kosi river, Club Mahindra Corbett offers modern comforts even amidst nature.

Cave in the thrill of Corbett

Sign up for a plethora of activities that bring you closer to nature and your family! Cross paths with a tiger as you go on an adrenaline-filled jungle safari. Ready for your ideal family holiday at Club Mahindra Corbett?

Skip along the winding paths on a nature trail.

Dance till your feet hurt at our tribal nights. Go aqua zorbing and learn archery. Get a taste of the local culture. Experience all this and more only at Club Mahindra Gir.

Enjoy the splendour of the great outdoors in the breath-taking Gir Sanctuary.

Fall in love with the extraordinary wildlife. Spot the majestic lions, leopards, hyenas and more.


If waking up to the views of the beach and the sea excites your family, here's where you need to holiday next. Come, just chill out!

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The calm beach calls out to you for a memorable vacation.

Enjoy a fun-filled beach day with the family or go on a romantic stroll on the sparkling seashore with your spouse.

Experience more than the sea and the sand.

Make your way through Goa’s colour-clad streets on an E-cycle. The traditional Goan curry waits to be devoured. Enjoy mysteries of the night at the horror-themed party. Need we say more?

A perfect holiday destination for all the beach fams.

The cluster of greens and the balmy scenic views are a treat for the eyes. There’s never a dull moment at this Club Mahindra paradise.

Bring out your inner child

From racing your kids on quad bikes to trying out new sports like zorbing and archery, from building sandcastles on the beach to simply playing with the waves, Club Mahindra Puducherry is all about magical experiences for your family!

A charming abode in God's own country.

Clean sandy beaches. Relaxing backwaters. Mouth-watering seafood. Cherai has all this and more. Catch the unusual sight of ‘dancing’ fish.

Sit back and enjoy the pleasures of a houseboat ride with your family.

Satiate your palate with local specialties like Meen Peera, Avial and Karimeen. Indeed, bliss is in abundance at this Club Mahindra beach resort.

Staycation Super Giants

If homely getaways filled with races to the pool, unwinding in the room and indulging in delicious food define your family’s mood, then your holiday team is undoubtedly the Staycation Super Giants!

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Dive into the beauty of Goa.

Bask in the feeling of comfort with your family at Club Mahindra Assonora. Slip into your pajamas, have breakfast in bed, breathe in the fresh air and play with waves. The ultimate staycation awaits.

Go with the flow in your second home.

Immerse yourself in a magical world of aqua adventures. Glide through the lazy pool, enjoy the waterfalls or zoom through the slides with your family. Get ready to have a memorable staycation at Club Mahindra Assonora.

Tans will fade, but the memories will last forever.

A peaceful picnic at the scenic Cherai beach with some lip-smacking seafood is all you need. Unravel the destination with Club Mahindra to cherish family staycation memories.

Fishing at Cherai is an incredible experience.

A family that discovers together stays together! Go on a fish farm tour, watch sunsets from a luxurious cruise and dine in a houseboat. When are you ticking off Club Mahindra Cherai from your staycation wishlist?

Behold the rustic charm of Madikeri!

In search of a staycation? Head to Club Mahindra Madikeri with your family to discover resplendent coffee plantations, high hills and green meadows sprawling over acres of land.

Love is in the air and it smells like coffee!

Begin your day with freshly brewed coffee & set off on an e-cycle tour of the beautiful town. Visit the Dubare Elephant Camp and try your hand at river rafting. Get all this, and more only at Club Mahindra Madikeri.

Titans of Safari

If thrilling adventures, spotting exotic wildlife & birds is your family’s idea of a relaxing vacation, then your holiday team is indeed the Titans of Safari!

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Stay under a billion stars!.

Does camping under the star-lit sky in luxurious tents fascinate you? Then Club Mahindra Kanha will be a treat for you! Fall in love with your adventurous side and gear up to try interesting activities with your family.

Delight your senses.

Be amazed by the resounding echoes, bright colours and the tranquility of nature. Unleash your family’s adrenaline rush at Club Mahindra Kanha and embrace a one-of-a-kind escape in the wilderness.

Listen to the call of the wild.

Trace your steps to the natural habitat where the kings and queens of the jungle reside. Hear the music of the chirping birds and pull out your binoculars to see a majestic sight! Plan an exhilarating family getaway at Club Mahindra Corbett.

Indulge in a thrilling jungle safari!

Watch the impressive movement of the wildlife up close and surprise your family with remarkable picture-perfect views. Club Mahindra Corbett is a perfect destination for wildlife lovers!

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