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Take the first step towards a lifetime of cosmic exploration and enjoyment

Countless wonders await you any clear night. The first step in astronomy is simply to look up and ask, What's that? Begin gazing at the stars from your balcony, and you'll be taking the first step toward a lifetime of cosmic exploration and enjoyment.

Here are a few fun and informative activities for both adults and children:

• Get to know the apparent motion of the night sky:
Note the position of stars against a foreground object and check it again after an hour or so. You’ll notice the stars will have moved relative to the object. Now track the changing positions regularly to understand better.

• Teach yourself the constellations:
The northerly axis of planet Earth points roughly to Polaris, the North Star. This star appears stationary in the night sky, while all other stars appear to rotate around it.

• Grab a pair of binoculars and observe the surface of the Moon:
On a clear night, our planet's satellite is the most obvious, most prominent celestial object in the night sky. Even a modest pair of binoculars will reveal incredible surface features like craters and lunar seas.

• Photograph the night sky with your smartphone:
With smartphone camera sensors and apps getting better all the time, you can take photos of star-trails, the moon and the beautiful night sky to share with friends and family.

Call a star your own, observe patterns in the sky that look like everyday objects, try counting stars if you dare!* It's not every day you come across the wonders of the universe. So what better way to spend your time than by getting to know the cosmos a little better? *Try it with your family, we guarantee you it will be an out of the world experience.

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