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Follow the step-by-step guide to make a beautiful autumn tree

Soon before the schools reopen and the children are out of sight, take this time as an opportunity to teach them some more fascinating crafts.* You can make this simple and fun autumn tree that captures the essence of the season through colours and textures. *Making this fascinating and beautiful fall craft will keep your kids busy and give them a chance to be creative.* It will be a fun way to teach them more about different seasons and their relevance.

Follow the step-by-step guide to make this beautiful piece of art:

 • Take a paper bag and cut strips on its open end till halfway. Then open the bag and place a piece of cardboard inside it to build a firm base.

 • Twist the bag from the middle to distinguish between the trunk and the base of the tree and then twist 2-3 strips together to form its branches.

 • Take orange and yellow craft papers and cut out shapes of leaves from them.

 • Now paste these leaves randomly on the branches and stick a round piece of cardboard to the base of the tree.

The autumn tree is ready to beautify your space.

You can decorate these artistic trees with seeds, buttons, coloured cotton if your wish. *Try this creative and fun DIY activity with your kids and create magical memories.

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