Interest Groups

Interact with like-minded people, bond over interests and hobbies and share recommendations that make the community stronger.


Photography Catch up with other Club Mahindra members who love photography. Share tips, tricks and your photos too.


Food Need we say more? If you love trying out new cuisines or have a favourite you want to tell the community about, or just know a lot more about the kinds of food, join the interest group of like-minded foodies for more.


Adventure Discuss destinations and activities that can fuel your next adrenalin rush!

Happy Hub

Happy Hub There's a certain joy in taking on an activity with your family. It brings you together in a unique manner. Experience this with Happy Hub.


Bliss Travel well, even if you are a senior citizen, or getting there. We know you have doubts and questions about how to. Join us to understand how well it will all work out.

Club M Select

Club M Select Club M comes with a number of benefits that mark the beginning of your exclusive journey. Join to know more about the exclusivity and luxury on offer.