Serene holiday at Corbett

Shared by Manoj on 26 January 2023

Serene holiday at Corbett

Jim Corbett was our first jungle vacation. It was an endeavor to feel nature and wildlife from close quarters and as usual Club Mahindra, Jim Corbett was the perfect destination for all desires and aspirations.

After a long drive from Ambala, we reached Ramnagar but had to take a break at Roorkee as our vehicle broke down on the outskirts of Yamuna Nagar. After long repairs at the service center, we reached Roorkee, and while crossing across the prestigious IIT respect for the city grew over in my thoughts.

Taking a night halt we started our road journey for Jim Corbett in the early morning by Google maps led us to remoteness across sugarcane fields around Bijnaur. While returning, we took a better route through Hardwar. At Dhikuli we checked in at Club Mahindra Resort, Jim Corbett. It is a dream destination on the banks of the Kosi River.

The reception staff gave a warm welcome and in a smooth fashion shifted our luggage to a Hotel Unit on the ground floor. These were quite spacious rooms, adequate for our family of four including two kids. In the evening we enjoyed the serene view of the Kosi River with the Milani range of Sitavani Forest adorning the opposite bank.

At dusk, wildlife can be spotted venturing out of the forest for water and hunts near the river bed. We saw a group of jungle cats and Yellow Throated Martin. The evening was made memorable by organizing family games including Rope pulling, Musical Ring Crossing, and Football kicks. Children enjoyed Mocktail classes and made friends amongst kids of other guests. All thanks to Club Mahindra we got some quality peacetime as a couple after a long time.

Later on, we enjoyed a delicious dinner at Machan and went off for the day. The next morning was full of surprises as we had a plan to visit Jim Corbett Museum however when we reached Dhangari Gate, we were tempted by Canter Safari groups gathered there about to set off for exploring Dekala zone. We got current tickets for the Canter safari and we headed for the first safari of our lives. As it was an instantaneous call we were not adequately dressed for chilling winds however the thrill of the ride was enough to overcome the discomfort.

On the way, we witnessed numerous chitals, and sambar deers, and our guide with his sharp observation skills spotted even crocodiles sunbathing on the banks of the Ramganga River. Our Safari became a grand success as we spotted a Tiger near the Dikala rest house on the banks of Ramganga reservoir.

Soon the word of spotting spread as wildfire and the area was flooded by three more canters. As a result the Tiger went on hiding in the dense grasslands. We moved ahead on the banks of reservoir and the scene was none less than a dream come true, numerous wild elephants, crocodiles, groups of deer, and wolves resting on the banks making it an ideal habitat and place of natural coexistence. The two-night stay at Dhikala Forest Rest House is a must for making this trip a memorable one, however, it needs pre-planning and timely booking.

In the evening, we spent a good time with our new friends at resort and the children enjoyed kids' activity at the Happy Hub. The next day was reserved to explore local cuisine and sightseeing. We went to the much famous Suspension Bridge on Kosi River, a place for family photography, followed by Jim Corbet Museum.

It is an ideal and recommended place to teach children the nuances of wildlife. Audio-visual aids exhibits at Museum were spectacular giving a complete picture of the history and composition of Jim Corbett National Park. My young daughter was emotionally touched on seeing the preserved embryos of Tiger, Leopard, and Deer. A small movie on nightlife of the Jungle imprinted a memorable picture on my children making them understand the concepts of struggles of both predator and prey.

At night, we enjoyed dinner at Barbeque Bay it was an awesome experience to enjoy delicious food on the banks of the River in the background noise of flowing water. The next day we booked a Jeep Safari to explore other portions of Jim Corbett, Bijrani Zone. Mounted on Jeep we entered Jungle through Aamdanda Gate, our guide took us to various folds of forest landscape covering dense forest, grassland, water bodies, and wetlands. We witnessed numerous wild creatures and birds en route.

Although at one occasion, a disturbed elephant tried to chase our jeep but our experienced driver reacted promptly and drove us away from the lane. We had a halt at Bijrani Forest Rest House and on way back witnessed the habitats of local tribal people inside the jungle. It is indeed an extremely difficult life these people are living.

During our stay, we explored certain food joints apart from Club Mahindra which includes The Kumaon Roots, Diner's Villa, Spoke herd Cafe all were excellent in their service and quality of food. Finally, after seeking the blessing of Girija Mata we headed back to our hometown Carrying beautiful memories of Jim Corbett and Club Mahindra Resort. In the end, I must convey my best regards to the entire resort management for making our stay comfortable and memorable. Thank you Team Club Mahindra

Serene holiday at Corbett
Serene holiday at Corbett
Serene holiday at Corbett
Serene holiday at Corbett