Gift Resort Escapes to your loved ones and set them on a journey to discover the resort life

Your loved ones can enjoy upto 2 vacations

Members have the option to split the 7 days into 2 vacations in a year with an access to 35+ Club Mahindra resorts. They can choose to opt for 4N + 3N holiday combination.

  • Membership cost42,288
  • GST (@18%)7,612
Payable Amount 49,900
Bestow your children with a thoughtful wedding gift
  • Strengthen your bond by blessing your children with a meaningful gift on their big day. With Resort Escapes, present them with a resort life experience. Offer them the chance to discover incredible locations in India and fill their lives with endless stories to tell.
Gift your loved ones a string of lifetime memories
  • Delight your friends, brother or sister with a unique gift! Give them reasons to fulfil their travel dreams with Resort Escapes. Express your love in the most wonderful way, endow them with lifetime memories.
Celebrate your beloved’s special day in a special way
  • Surprise your better half on his/her special day, gift them Resort Escapes. Rekindle your relationship by presenting them with a magical journey across fascinating destinations. Offer them the chance to experience magical holidays and the resort life.

Frequently asked questions

Who can buy Resort Escapes?
Any person who is 18 years or more, and is an Indian citizen, can purchase Resort Escape or receive it as a gift.
How many nights can one holiday in a year?
Resort Escapes offers 7 nights of magical holidays in a year. The member has the option to avail all 7 nights in one holiday or split them in 2 holidays.
When can I book a holiday after buying the membership?
Post making the payment, a member needs to activate the membership by submitting KYC details on the website. After receiving the confirmation of membership activation, member can book a holiday immediately.
Can the holidays be availed anytime in the year?
Holidays can be availed anytime barring certain specific dates. 15th May to 28th May; 2nd Oct to 8th Oct; 23rd Oct to 29th Oct; and 18th Dec to 1st Jan. Please note, the dates mentioned are for the year 2022. The dates for 2023 will be declared in October 2022. Bookings for resort open 4 months in advance and are subject to availability.
What is circuit booking?
With circuit booking, a member can book more than one resort that are in close proximity. Thus, splitting room nights between the two or more resorts in a single booking.
What is the holiday cancellation policy?
If a member cancels a booking up to 7 days before the check-in date, no room nights are deducted. If a member cancels a booking within 7 days and up to 48 hours of check-in date, one room night is deducted. If a member cancels a booking within 48 hours of the check-in date, all the booked room nights are deducted.
How will the gift recipient activate membership?
Post successful payment, gift recipient will receive the membership activation link on email.
Is cancellation of membership allowed?
Yes, cancellation of membership, within 15 days of purchase and no holiday availed, will be allowed with full refund. For cancellation beyond 15 days, 40% of the membership fee will be refunded on prorate basis of the availed holidays after deductions as to taxes, etc.

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