In the purview of the rising concerns over the environmental degradation, pollution, and climate change, as responsible citizens, we all must contribute to create a healthier, and greener planet. We can accomplish this goal by adopting a few simple habits and making them part of your everyday life. 

These habits are important not only to save mother nature but also to sustain the valuable resources so that our own future generations can live peacefully. And, what better way to start practising the green habits than on the World Environment Day, which is celebrated globally on June 5th. Adopting green habits is all about being mindful of the consequences of our daily actions on the environment and making small changes, which can make a big difference. Let us look at a few simple green habits everyone can adopt to save our planet. 

Avoid single-use plastic

Avoid single use plastic

One of the biggest environmental concerns the world is facing right now is the amount of plastic waste that end-up in landfills and in the ocean. Research suggests that only about 9% of the plastic bottles can be recycled and the rest end up in the landfills. It is estimated that by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. 

The worst thing about single-use plastic is that they accumulate and never decompose.  So, it is imperative that we act now and save our planet. The easiest way to avoid using plastic is to replace the plastic bags with cloth bags, plastic bottles with glass bottles and the straws with metal or wooden straws.

Consider Cycling to Work or Use Public Transport

Consider cycling to work or use public-transport

In India, driving a car is a thing of status as much as it is a convenience. But, with the growing concerns of environmental pollution because of the carbon emissions from the vehicles, we can cast aside our ego for a much greater cause and use the public transport system or cycle for our daily commute. 

It is a simple equation really, the lesser number of cars on road, the lesser the emission. Besides, using public transport is much more economical and if you are using cycles, you get an added advantage, you can keep yourself fit and maintain your health. 

Shop Wisely

Shop wisely

This is one of the best green habits you can develop that have a significant impact, yet it may be the hardest thing to do. In today’s age of consumerism and the massive impact of social media that make everything look fancy and desirable, it is easy to confuse your wants with needs.  

The key to shopping wisely is adopting ‘minimalism.’ Being conscious about what you buy, and what goes behind producing it will help you make smarter choices, and indirectly help in reducing the carbon footprint.

Today, there are many online thrift stores that sell upcycled goods, including clothes, electronics, accessories, shoes, and more. Shopping from these stores and buying second-hand items will surely help reduce waste and save our mother nature.  

Save Water 

Save Water

Water is indispensable for the survival of all living beings. You may be well aware that there is only a limited supply for potable water, and therefore it is paramount that we use it prudently and try to save as much water as we can every day. After all, every drop counts. 

Simple habits like using a bucket and mug for bath instead of taking a shower can reduce a significant amount of water every day. Moreover, if you are using an RO-based water purifier at your home, it wastes about 70% of the water. You can use this water for your daily chores like house cleaning, watering the plants, flushing the toilets, etc.  

Consciously adopt these practices in your daily life and inculcate these habits among friends and family. This is the best and the least you can do to save our planet.

Save Energy 

Save Energy

The importance of saving energy cannot be stressed enough. With the amount of energy we waste every day, there are fears that we would deplete our fossil fuels that are used to generate power faster than expected. 

You can save energy by replacing the traditional bulbs with LED bulbs. They are known to consume about 75% less energy. This also means you can save on your monthly energy bills. 

Other ways to save energy and save our environment is to turn off the AC, fans, lights and all the electrical appliances when it is not used. It may sound too simple, but all these can have a massive impact.  

Now that you are aware of the simple steps you can take to save our environment, pledge your immediate action to the cause. Saving the environment is easy, it only takes minor efforts but above all, it only needs the right intent. 

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