Experiences at Vijayshree Resort & Heritage Village

It's all about wellness and a blissful state of mind at Vijayshree Resort and Heritage Village, Hampi. Splash about in the pool, stay on top of your fitness goals at the state-of-the-art gym or strike a picture-perfect Surya Namaskar atop a boulder against the rising sun.

Hampi, The City of Ruins
Badami, Capital of Chalukyas
Lotus Mahal
Daroji Bear Sanctuary
Anegundi Fort

Luxurious Amenities at Vijayshree Resort & Heritage Village

For a vacation that eases your mind and de-stresses your body, a stay at Vijayshree Resort and Heritage Village, Hampi, is the perfect solution. The spacious rooms surrounded by nature and equipped with modern amenities, and a shimmering pool, ensure a memorable family vacation.

  • Swimming Pool
  • Laundry Service
  • Gymnasium
  • Travel Desk
  • Spa
  • Wi-Fi
  • Coffee Shop
  • Helipad
  • 4 Restaurants with Ethnic Vegetarian Menus
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  • Safe Locker
  • Air Conditioner
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • King Bed
  • Electric Kettle
  • Shower Cubicle with Panel
  • Supply Kit

Vijayshree Resort & Heritage Village Room Types

The resort has a collection of cottages clustered in the midst of a man-made forest. They provide comfortable, well-planned spaces with hints of Hampi's royal history and every modern amenity that you may need. While a cool, turquoise swimming pool at its heart evokes memories of an oasis.

Hotel Unit

Restaurants & Spa

Pamper yourself with a relaxing massage followed by a sumptuous Sattvik meal. Can there be anything more uplifting? Walk into our Nawa Spa and come alive with a range of holistic experiences. Then step into our specialty restaurants and pleasure your palate with Indian and local gastronomical delights.

Ajeet Multi-cuisine
Mehfil Darbar
Coffee Shop
Forest Fever 105

One Holiday, Multiple destinations

Each Club Mahindra resort vacation is unique and different and we encourage you to make your vacations even more enriching by adding a few days of stay at nearby Club Mahindra resorts.

Eagleton Golf Resort +Golden Landmark + Vijayshree Resort
  • Eagleton Golf Resort +Golden Landmark + Vijayshree Resort
  • Vijayshree + Golden Landmark + Eagleton
  • Golden Landmark + Eagleton + Vijayshree

FAQs on Vijayshree Resort & Heritage Village Resort

What are the room amenities at Vijayshree Resort in Hampi?

Imagine a 20-acre resort with 16 acres allotted to a man-made forest of 60,000 trees, and your own cocoon amidst it all. Enjoy a vacation amidst lush greens offset by a turquoise blue pool at one of these cottages. A plush king-size bed, tea/coffee maker, LED TV, laundry service, air-conditioner and elegant interiors ensure you're comfortable throughout your stay.

Is parking available at this Hampi resort?

Valet parking is offered at Vijayshree Resort & Heritage Village, Hampi.

What are the top USPs of Vijayshree Resort & Heritage Village in Hampi?

Vijayshree Resort & Heritage Village, Hampi sits on 20 acres of land amidst a 16-acre, man-made forest of 60,000 trees, making it incredibly scenic. It is accredited by the Limca Book of Records as the only fully vegetarian, smoking and alcohol-free resort in India. The focus here is on holistic well-being as opposed to creature comforts, thanks to its philosophy of Paanch Bhooti or the five elements. Five restaurants ensure your taste buds are spoilt for choice and you never eat the same meal twice. Also, the Nirvana spa will ensure that you leave your mental baggage behind and return home with only your luggage.

How do I reach Vijayshree Resort in Hampi?

You can get to Vijayshree Resort & Heritage Village, Hampi, by rail or road. The closest railhead is Hospet, 4.5 km away. The resort is 8 km from Hampi and 338 km by road from Bangalore. The nearest airport is Bellary, 75 kms away. Flying to either Belgaum or Bangalore would be a better option.

What’s the best time to visit Vijayshree Resort in Hampi?

Ideally, you should plan your visit to Vijayshree Resort and Heritage Village, Hampi, in the cool winter months between October and March, as the weather is pleasant. Summers (April to July) tend to be scorching hot as temperatures soar. Monsoons bring welcome relief from the summer heat and there’s a carpet of lush greenery everywhere but the iconic boulders of Hampi become extremely slippery and risky to climb. You can visit Club Mahindra any time of the year though, as each season offers different activities and experiences to be enjoyed.

Which Club Mahindra resorts are close to this Hampi resort?

Eagleton Golf Resort, Bangalore, Golden Landmark, Mysore, and the Club Mahindra properties in Goa are located close to Vijayshree Resort and Heritage Village, Hampi.

What are the things to do around Vijayshree Resort in Hampi?

Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage site. You can explore the many monoliths and boulders that dot the landscape or the ruins of temples and other structures from the now defunct Vijayanagara kingdom. Visit the Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary, a one of its kind nature preserve, created for endangered sloth bears. Take in the rich history and culture of the Lotus Palace or Kamal Mahal, the ancient seat of power of the Vijayanagara Empire and marvel at its lotus-inspired architecture.

What is the transfer service available from this Hampi resort?

A car can be arranged directly from the Travel Desk at an additional charge.

What are the tours available from Vijayshree Resort in Hampi?

The resort has tours to ancient Hampi as well as the nearby Tungabhadra Dam. You can also explore the wild Hampi landscape on the back of a camel or a horse. For something with a little more kick, hop on one of the Polaris ATVs available for hire, at an added cost from the resort, and take an off-road tour of Hampi.

What are the different languages spoken by the staff at Vijayshree Resort in Hampi?

You will find our staff to be very helpful and courteous. Most of them are multilingual and can speak English, Hindi, Kannada and some regional languages too.

How many days are ideal for a holiday at this Hampi resort?

4 to 5 days is a good enough duration for a short family vacation at Vijayshree Resort & Heritage Village, Hampi. You could spend two days pampering yourself with a variety of treatments at the spa for some much needed me-time. Dedicate the rest of your holiday bonding with the family while exploring the magical Hampi.

Invest in a lifetime of wonderful holiday memories.

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