Club Mahindra takes pride in offering a diverse selection of resorts in Gujarat, catering to the comfort and enjoyment of their esteemed members. Indulge in a comfortable stay in the well-appointed rooms, modern amenities, and a range of recreational facilities, ensuring a memorable and rejuvenating stay. Treat yourself with one of the most premium resorts in Gujarat with Club Mahindra for best services, amenities and experiences. When you stay at Club Mahindra Resorts in Gujarat, you get to experience all of these and much more -

1. Club Mahindra Kensville Golf Resort, Ahmedabad

2. Club Mahindra Gir

3. Club Mahindra Dwarka

4. Club Mahindra Netrang

5. Bhanu The fern forest Resort, Jambughoda

Things to do in Gujarat

Experience the wonders of Gujarat with a range of exciting activities. Witness the serene Gomti Ghat in Dwarka, where the river meets the Arabian Sea, and be enchanted by the mesmerizing aarti. Visit the majestic Statue of Unity, standing tall as a tribute to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, and enjoy panoramic views from the Viewing Gallery. Immerse yourself in the vibrant Bhavnath Mahadev fair during Mahashivratri and witness Lord Shiva's presence. Explore Gir's captivating woodlands through nature walks and birdwatching, creating unforgettable memories amidst nature's beauty, while staying at best resorts in Gujarat.Marvel at the vast expanse of the desert, adorned with stunning sunsets and starry nights, creating a magical atmosphere that will leave you spellbound.

1. Visiting Gomti Ghat

2. Aqua Zorbing in Gir

3. Visiting Statue of Unity

4. BhavnathMahdev Fair Visit

5. Nature walk in Gir

6. Desert Safari & Rann Utsav

Places to visit in Gujarat 

Explore the divine city of Dwarka, where Lord Krishna's presence is felt at every corner. Visit the magnificent Dwarkadhish Temple and witness the grandeur of Janmashtami celebrations, immersing yourself in the joy and devotion that fills the air. Embark on a thrilling forest safari in Gir National Park, home to majestic lions and an array of wildlife, offering an unforgettable experience for animal enthusiasts and nature lovers. Journey to the Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary, where lush forests, cascading waterfalls, and diverse wildlife await. Finally, admire the beauty of the Dwarka Lighthouse and capture breathtaking sunset views while appreciating its remarkable architectural design. Most popular resorts in Gujarat give you access to majority of the places to visit here.

1. Gir

2. Saputara

3. Dwarka

4. Sabarmati Aashram

5. Somnath

6. Rann of Kutch

7. Lothal

8. Rani ki Vav

9. Sun Temple, Modera


Q1. Is Dwarka worth visiting?

Dwarka is the ideal location for an enriching spiritual experience as well as a refreshing break near the gorgeous Arabian Sea, with many more temples and tourist attractions. There are many great sites to explore in Dwarka.

Q2. How many days are enough for Dwarka?

One day is sufficient for Dwarka. The tourists can visit the temple for the Balbhog aarti and Shringaar aarti. The temple’s timings are from 6 am to 12:30 pm and then the temple re-opens at 5 pm. The tourists can stay at Club Mahindra Dwarka to have the experience of their lifetime.

Q3. When is the best time to visit Gujarat?

The winter season, between October and February, is the optimum time to visit Gujarat. Visiting Gujarat during the monsoon season (from July to September) is also a nice idea, as there is less rainfall.

Q4. What snack is famous in Gujarat?

Khaman, Gujarat's most popular snack, is a delightful and nutritious boiled snack made with freshly ground lentils and chickpea flour. This tasty and light snack is best accompanied by sour chutneys and numerous slices of green chilies and is traditionally served on a wide green leaf called the Kesuda.

Q5. How is the weather of Gujarat?

Gujarat's weather has a wide range of circumstances. Gujarat's plains are hot and dry in the summer and chilly and dry in the winter.

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