Club Mahindra Membership Reviews

At Club Mahindra, we brew happiness, love, laughter, and magic for all our special guests. And as a part of this big family, you can delight in 25 years of memorable holiday moments with your loved ones. Our resorts are always cheerful, and our people are always kind. No matter where you go, the sun shines bright above the clouds! Idyllic is the atmosphere, authentic is the experience. But rather than just taking our word for it, how about you let our members show you themselves, through their eyes? Browse through Club Mahindra membership reviews to know more about what a vacation with us looks like, and then decide which one you'd like to visit. Our members will confirm how good an investment a Club Mahindra membership is, and reassure you on its long-term merits.

Through these encouraging words that come straight from the heart, you will be able to glimpse a beautiful picture unfolding. Adults and kids enjoy our resorts, bond over fun games, tasty dishes, and enchanting views. Families exploring new cultures and revisiting old hobbies. All the while, being guided by emotions of joy and excitement. As you continue to peruse through Club Mahindra reviews, you will slowly become aware of the many Club Mahindra membership benefits to look forward to. Because, we carefully cultivate value, so that you can focus on collecting memories. For further insight into our members' past adventures, we'd also suggest browsing through Club Mahindra Community.

What is a Club Mahindra Membership?

A Club Mahindra membership is your gateway to enjoying magical memories with your family for 25 years! When you subscribe to the Club Mahindra membership, you can holiday family at 140+ Club Mahindra resorts across the world, at a fraction of the price. Stay in spacious rooms; unwind in floating cottages, dine at the tree houses; go glamping at luxurious tents, and have a time of your life in a pool villa.

A Club Mahindra Membership also offers flexibility, keeping your work and school schedules in mind. A member can accumulate up to 21 Club Mahindra nights across 3 years to plan a longer domestic or international holiday. Alternatively, one can club weekdays with long weekends and take a week-long vacation. Members can even extend their membership to their loved ones by gifting them a holiday.

Club Mahindra Membership Plans

Your Club Mahindra Membership entitles you to a holiday at a new destination, every year, for 25 years. You can choose from a vast variety of terrain options -waterfront, beach, Himalayan, jungle resorts, or hill stations at different times of the year, with your family and even take your friends along. The Club Mahindra Membership Plans offer season and apartment size options, where you are free to choose the time of the year for your holiday, and also the room size.

Benefits of Club Mahindra Membership

With access to 140+ resorts in India and abroad, Club Mahindra opens a world full of magical holidays up to you. Offering over 2000 experiences and activities, Club Mahindra spoils you with the choice of unwinding in spacious rooms and unique dining experiences.

Here are a few benefits of a Club Mahindra Membership:

1. Holiday Exchange: Exchange your Club Mahindra nights for room nights at our 400+ Partner Hotels and Resorts, at no extra cost.

2. Curated Vacations: Members will always find exceptional offers on cultural festivals and events such as Rann-Utsav (Gujarat), Jal Mahotsav (Madhya Pradesh), Mahindra Open Sky Festival (Rajasthan), Chetak Festival (Maharashtra) and more.

3. Cruise Holidays: Members can trade in their days for a Cruise holiday, which makes the Club Mahindra Membership Fee even more exceptional in value.

4. Club M Select: Enjoy exclusive experiences even when you’re not on vacation.

5. Complimentary RCI Membership: The Club Mahindra Membership Fee also includes a complimentary 1-year RCI membership. Financially smarter, resorts in some of the best places, with leisure for the adults and lots of activities for the kids.

Club Mahindra Fee Structure:

There are holidays and then there are holidays with a Club Mahindra Membership. Your Club Mahindra Fee is truly value for money. To know more about the Club Mahindra fee and other details connect with our holiday expert.


1. What are the benefits of Club Mahindra Membership?

Ans. Following are some of the benefits of Club Mahindra memberships 2. What is difference between Hu and Studio in Club Mahindra?

Ans. Hu is Hotel unit it accommodates 2 adults only. Studio is a larger room it can accommodate 4 peopel. Typically, Studio is more spacious and comfortable for a family of 4.

3. What is Red Season in Club Mahindra?

Ans. The 'Red' season is for those who would like to vacation throughout the year, barring super-peak seasons.

4. How many properties does Club Mahindra have?

Ans. Club Mahindra offers quality family holidays via vacation ownership memberships. There are 140+ Club Mahindra Resorts available across India and abroad.

5. How many basic accommodation types does Club Mahindra offer?

Club Mahindra room types can majorly be classified in four categories - Hotel Unit, Studio, 1 BR and 2 BR room.

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