Club Mahindra Membership - Cheers To A Friendship Of A Lifetime

Some of life’s greatest moments are created on vacation. With Club Mahindra, not only can you choose from a wide array of destinations, you can also find the membership plan that is right for you and your family.


One Membership, Many Benefits


With one choice, you can take holidaying to the next level. Imagine having preferred access to holiday for 7 nights every year at 140+ resorts in India and abroad. Topped with an additional choice of 400+ partner hotels and resorts and 4300+ RCI affiliated resorts worldwide. 

More than just a variety of incredible destinations, you are also given access to a treasure chest of authentic and unique experiences at each one of our resorts.

And, the deal only gets sweeter! Whether you are part of a small nuclear family or larger joint family, there is an offering just for you. Along with this, we also ensure flexibility to upgrade your membership as your lifestage evolves.

If this seems too good to be true, our Club Mahindra reviews will convince you.


Choosing the Right Membership


We are not among those who believe that one size fits all. Our resorts, our experiences and our staff are trained to customise every moment - making your holiday magical for you. We extend the same thought towards Club Mahindra membership fees and plans. Club Mahindra membership allows you to choose from 3 different room types: a Superior Studio, a Signature 1-Bedroom or a 2-Bedroom Suite. Additionally, you can even choose your preferred travel season, because we know that where you go and when you go, are both equally important choices.


Club Mahindra Purple Season Membership


For some, holidays strictly happen during the long weekends like New Year's or Diwali. If you are one of them, then the Club Mahindra Purple Season Membership is just right for you.

With Purple Season membership, you can book your holidays on high-demand weekends, and that too without surge pricing. This plan is perfect for vacationers who like to plan ahead and fix their holiday calendar for peak dates like Diwali, Christmas and New Year.


Meera and Anand Vijayan share their experience: 

We usually book our holidays during the Christmas season under the Club Mahindra Purple Season Membership, but when our trip was cancelled because of work, we wondered how we could make it up. To our great surprise, we found we could exchange our Purple Membership room nights for room nights from other seasons. So, for one Purple night, we got 1.5 White room nights! We got to make up our holiday and extend it by a bit. This Club Mahindra membership fee & plan structure was like a holiday gift for us!


Club Mahindra Red Season Membership


As a Red member, you can holiday during peak seasons like summer vacations or the Diwali school vacations. With this, you and your family can explore the 140+ resorts along with your little ones, knowing there is so much to do and see when you are at a Club Mahindra resort.  


Roy and Merlyn D’Souza know exactly what we’re talking about:

“At the end of the year, we really want to relax and have a good time. But our Christmas traditions are also very important to us. That’s why we spend Christmas with the family, cooking and treating everyone to a good time, before heading off for a Club Mahindra vacation to relax and recharge after a hectic holiday season! Club Mahindra Red season fee & plan totally suits our family requirements and we're making the most of it.”


Club Mahindra White Season Membership


The Club Mahindra White Season Membership lets you take a vacation just before or after the peak season. So if you have the freedom to plan your holidays to avoid crowded times like summer school holidays, then this membership is just right for you.  


Nazneen, a young mother, shared her concern with us:

“My toddler is four and has rockets attached to her feet. Which is perfect at Club Mahindra, because there are tons of activities to keep her engaged and entertained. Vacationing with the Club Mahindra White Season Membership allows her enough room to run around and have fun while giving us some breathing space. The properties are very safe and secure, so we can just let her be. The annual maintenance fee for a Club Mahindra membership is also minimal for the quality of holidays we enjoy.”


Club Mahindra Blue Season Membership


The Blue season membership is for those who prefer to travel in off peak seasons and see the other side of a destination like enjoying Goa in the monsoons or enjoying a snowy winter in Himachal. The Club Mahindra Blue Season Membership is a great way to start your journey of magical holidays with us. 


Read what our Blue Season member Natasha had to say:

“I was put in charge of organising holidays for the entire family and I had no idea where to start. The Club Mahindra Blue Season Membership fee was very affordable and was a great way for me to kick off our family holiday planning and to ensure that my family would have an amazing experience no matter where we went. Now we’re so used to Club Mahindra’s definition of experiences and holidays, we look forward to exploring what more the membership plans can offer us!”


Club Mahindra also understands that in the future, your family may grow, and with that your needs will change as well. And that's why you always have the flexibility to upgrade to a superior plan, and be introduced to more experiences, privileges, and magical moments. 


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