After you exchange vows with your partner and put on that ring in each other’s fingers to mark the beginning of a new life, there is only one thing to do, celebrate togetherness. And you can do that by planning a honeymoon that perfectly complements you as a couple and make it one of the most memorable events of your life. So, time to pick the best place for your honeymoon in India!

While most people focus on a hot wedding because it is in May, they overlook an opportunity for an amazing honeymoon trip. May, with its vibrant spring aura, offers the perfect backdrop for such a celebration.

If you are a Club Mahindra GoZest Member, you can enjoy the most amazing experiences with your loved ones during your stay at any of the Club Mahindra Resorts. If you are not a member yet, now would be the perfect time to get the Club Mahindra’s 3-years lifestyle privileges membership program.

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Let us take a look at some of the best honeymoon places in May in India.

Romantic Honeymoon Places in India

  1. Shimla, Himachal Pradesh
  2. Munnar, Kerala
  3. Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra
  4. Andaman and Nicobar Islands
  5. Coorg, Karnataka
  6. Lakshadweep
  7. Darjeeling, West Bengal
  8. Ooty, Tamil Nadu
  9. Lonavala, Maharashtra
  10. Leh, Ladakh
  11. Gangtok, Sikkim
  12. Mussoorie, Uttarakhand

Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

Located at the foothills of the mighty Himalayas, Shimla, the capital of Himachal has all the traits of donning the crown for being the best place for honeymoon in May. While the rest of the country is reeling under the sun, Shimla nonchalantly chills in cosy weather, making it an ideal spot for the newlyweds to enjoy a relaxing time together.

Apart from the perfect weather, the imperial buildings, and the bountiful nature, Shimla oozes a romantic aura from nook and corner, which only adds to the romance brewing between you and your beloved. You can take your honeymoon experience to the next level by booking a stay at the Club Mahindra Resort in Shimla.

You can stay at the Club Mahindra Kandaghat, Club Mahindra Mashobra, or Club Mahindra Pristine Peaks Naldehra. The comfortable rooms and the stunning views from outside your windows would surely leave you bewitched.

While there is no shortage of things to do in Shimla, if you are the kind who like to be laidback, you and your partner can indulge in various experiences that the resorts offer. You can take a Yoga session together, learn how to make dimsum, or treat yourselves to a relaxing massage. The masseuse and the masseurs use the traditional techniques to ensure that you feel rejuvenated by the end of the session.

Munnar, Kerala

When you are in God's Own Country, you know you are in a haven. Munnar’s reputation as one of the best honeymoon destinations in May precedes its name. With natural beauty surrounding you at every turn, Munnar is the perfect place for a honeymoon where you and your partner can enjoy new experiences together that you may cherish for the rest of your lives.

You can go on a leisurely trip to explore the endless slopes of the tea gardens, walk along the Idukki Arch Dam, or enjoy the magnificent view of the gushing waterfalls at Atukkad Waterfalls. A perfect honeymoon may seem incomplete without a perfect place to stay, right? And that is exactly what Club Mahindra Mount Serene and Club Mahindra Munnar offer and more.

Here you can indulge in a range of exclusive experiences like learning the basics of the ancient Indian martial arts form, Kalaripayattu and even watch the masters displaying their skills as they engage in a friend duel. You can even learn the art of picking the right tea leaves or take a bullet ride excursion with your beloved and explore the surroundings at your own pace and will.

Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra

One of the most popular hill stations in Maharashtra, Mahabaleshwar attracts tourists from all over the state throughout the year. Tourists come here to cool off their heels during the summers, and over the years, it has gained immense popularity as one of the most favourite honeymoon destinations in May.

Known as the city of strawberries, Mahabaleshwar, by virtue of being located at the top of the Western Ghats, offers a stunning panoramic view of the valley from the various points. Some of the most popular points that are must-visit are Elephant’s Head Point, Wilson Point, and Bombay Point.

After seeing the magnificent views from the hill tops, and clicking some amazing pictures, you can head to Venna lake to enjoy a boat ride in its pristine waters. If you both have an adventurous soul, you can go Kayaking together or separately and race each other.

You can end the long and eventful day of sightseeing by retreating into the Club Mahindra Sherwood or the Club Mahindra Saj Resort in Mahabaleshwar. The premium rooms and the amenities available here are second to none. From the mouthwatering food that includes a traditional Maharashtrian thali, to the virtual reality games arcade, there are plenty of amazing experiences that await you at the resort all of which add to the long list of fun moments you have with your partner on your honeymoon.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

If paradise was real, it probably would look like the Andaman Islands. Blessed with a long coastline, this is home to some of the most pristine beaches in the world, complemented by the turquoise waters and blue skies, there is natural beauty all around you, offering a perfect setting to bring in your honeymoon.

If the natural beauty and the perfect weather is not enough, the place has to offer something to all. Whether you are a laid back couple or an adventurous one, you can choose from a range of activities to do here.

You can go on a leisurely boat ride on the glass bottom to witness an amazing underwater world or you can both go hiking in the woods in the company of the chirping birds or you can wear your daredevil cap and take a dip into the ocean and go scuba diving. Don’t forget to enjoy the local cuisine and the range of delectable seafood specialties.


Coorg, Karnataka

When you talk about the best honeymoon places in May, it would be a sin to leave out Coorg from the list. Known for its pleasant climate and lush greenery with meadows and vast open spaces, the places attract tourists all through the year. You and your new partner in crime will surely be in for a real treat as Coorg boasts of several natural marvels.

Better known by its moniker, ‘The Scotland of the East,’ as you travel across Coorg your eyes will be treated to a several hundred shades of green because of the grassland, towering trees, and coffee plantations. While you may revel in the natural beauty of the place, you can make your honeymoon experience even better by booking your stay at the Club Mahindra Resort in Coorg. You can stay at the Club Mahindra Madikeri or the Club Mahindra Virajpet Resort.

Nestled in the hill of Coorg, these resorts will enthral you with the most amazing hospitality and intriguing experience you may have ever had. While you are staying at the resort, you can take cooking classes, enrol for a dance workshop, or go on a jeep safari; you can indulge in all these experiences and more.

A honeymoon in Coorg is the best thing you and your partner can ask for to replenish your soul and rejuvenate your senses before you start a new life as a couple.


If you and your partner always spoke about a honeymoon by the beach, and spending time together sitting by the sea watching the sea glisten in the sun as the wind ruffles your hair, you may have been speaking about Lakshadweep. Sandy beaches, clear waters, awesome climate, this is a true gem for all the lovebirds.

The gorgeous beach destination is a perfect escape where you can spend some quality time together without worrying about the curious onlooker and the ogling eyes. You both can be yourself, carefree and relaxed.

Darjeeling, West Bengal

Situated in the eastern Himalayas in the state of West Bengal along the Sikkim border, Darjeeling is one of the best places for honeymoon in May. With the sweet aroma of the tea plantation engulfing the hill station, the place has a special vibe that automatically brings out the romantic side of you.

While you are here, you ought to take a joy ride on the toy train, which is a 2-hour journey that covers 16kms from Darjeeling to Ghum. During the journey, the passes through the hills surrounded by lush green on both sides offering a clear view of the snow peaks of Mt. Kachenjunga, which is a cynosure to the eye.


Ooty, Tamil Nadu

The ‘Queen of Hills,’ Ooty, is a popular hill station in Tamil Nadu. It attracts tourists from all over the country and abroad as people come here to escape the heat and for a summer holiday. The pleasant weather, the majestic views of the valley from the hills, and the colonial charms lend a distinct romantic vibe  that the couples love.

As you explore the city with your loved one, you can make your honeymoon an unforgettable one by booking your stay at one of the resorts in Ooty by Club Mahindra. You can stay in the Club Mahindra Danish Villa or the Club Mahindra Derby Green and enjoy the various amazing and exclusive experiences the resorts offer.

Lonavala, Maharashtra

A popular hill station in Maharashtra, Lonavala is a favourite picnic spot for the Mumbaikars to spend a weekend with their loved ones. But recently, it is also gaining popularity as a honeymoon destination in May.

The breathtaking panoramic view from up the hills, shades of green, the pleasant climates make it a perfect place for lovers to spend time together and celebrate their marriage. In May, Lonavala puts its natural beauty on full display as you can see the vast valley, serene lakes and plenty of other beauty that are a sight to behold.

 So, you have a list of the best honeymoon destinations in India, it is time for you to choose a location, and get set going. We promise you one thing, these destinations are sure to conjure the love vibes within you like never before.

Leh, Ladakh

Choosing Leh, Ladakh for a honeymoon in May offers a blend of adventure, serenity, and breathtaking natural beauty, ideal for couples seeking a unique experience. With the onset of summer, the weather is pleasantly cool, perfect for exploring the majestic landscapes, from snow-capped peaks to turquoise lakes like Pangong and Nubra Valley.

Leh's ancient monasteries, such as Thiksey and Hemis, provide tranquil retreats, offering peace and spiritual enrichment amidst their architectural splendour. Adventure-loving couples can indulge in trekking, mountain biking, and river rafting, adding an exhilarating dimension to their romantic getaway. The clear night skies in May are perfect for stargazing, creating unforgettable romantic moments under the stars.

You can stay at the Driftwood Ladakh Resort, a Club Mahindra affiliate. It is nestled in Leh's picturesque landscapes, offers a blend of traditional Ladakhi hospitality and modern comforts. With deluxe accommodations, local and international cuisine, and amenities like spa, it's is one of the perfect romantic honeymoon places in India.

Gangtok, Sikkim

Gangtok in May is just splendid. The weather is nice, with warm days and cool nights. This period marks the full bloom of diverse flora, painting the city in vibrant hues ideal for romantic escapades. There are many activities for honeymooners, from peaceful walks in flower-bedecked landscapes to thrilling cable car rides offering panoramic city views.

The blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and serene ambience makes Gangtok one of the top honeymoon places In India to visit in May, ensuring couples start their marital journey amidst nature's splendour and tranquillity.

Elevate your honeymoon trip with the perfect stay. Start your romantic journey in the serene and enchanting settings of Club Mahindra's exclusive resorts in Sikkim. Perfectly positioned in the magnificence of the Himalayas, these resorts serve as peaceful retreats with stunning vistas, ideal for honeymooners. Relish the comfort of our well-furnished accommodations, outfitted with modern amenities to ensure a stay of unparalleled comfort.

Mussoorie, Uttarakhand

Mussoorie is a picturesque honeymoon haven in May, offering an idyllic escape with its temperate climate and lush landscapes. As summer unveils, the town, perched in the Garhwal Himalayan ranges, basks in a moderate temperature range of 10°C to 30°C, providing a soothing retreat from the plains' intense heat. This period accentuates Mussoorie's natural beauty, with blooming flowers and green hills offering stunning vistas. Couples can indulge in leisurely walks along the famous Mall Road, relish the panoramic views from Gun Hill, or explore the enchanting Kempty Falls.

The serene environment of Mussoorie in May fosters a romantic ambience, making it one of the best places for honeymoon in India. It has a perfect setting for honeymooners seeking tranquillity amidst nature. The blend of pleasant weather, scenic beauty, and tranquil spots ensures an unforgettable honeymoon experience in this quaint hill station.

For honeymooners seeking a blend of romantic moments and thrilling adventures, Club Mahindra Mussoorie offers a multitude of delightful experiences. Imagine a cozy night spent watching movies together, wrapped in the comfort of your private space. Or embark on a playful treasure hunt around the resort, leading to shared laughter and joyous discoveries. Whatever your heart desires, a perfect romantic getaway awaits you at Club Mahindra Mussoorie, promising unforgettable memories with your significant other. 

Honeymooners can make the most of May with the above 13 destinations. Each one is the best place for a honeymoon in India in its unique way.

We wish you the best for your happy journey and hope these places offer you great memories for a lifetime.

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