If you are planning your own Lakshadweep itinerary, this guide will help you. In this blog, we plan all the important details you need for a perfect holiday. 

Lakshadweep, a stunning archipelago, is a cluster of 36 islands off the coast of Kerala. A paradise on earth, these islands are bestowed with scenic landscapes that are just mind-boggling. In Lakshadweep, you can find miles of sun-kissed beaches, magnificent lagoons, turquoise waters brimming with colourful marine life and beautiful tropical weather. 

About Lakshadweep

The islands of Lakshadweep are synonymous with unparalleled beauty. Its laid-back vibe and peaceful setting promise an unforgettable holiday experience. The 36 islands are scattered over an area of 32 sq. km, and only 10 out of them are inhabited. These islands are – Kavaratti, Agatti, Kadmat, Minicoy, Banagram, Chetlat, Androthm, Kalpeni, Bitra, Kiltan and Amini. 

The locals in these islands mainly speak Malayalam and Jeseri. But, at most tourist attractions, people speak Hindi and English. Regarding occupation, the local inhabitants mostly rely on fishing and farming to earn a living. 

Making an Itinerary for Lakshadweep

Deciding on an itinerary for Lakshadweep depends on the time of the year you plan your holiday and how long you want to stay. Although you can go on a short trip, it is best to go on an extended holiday and spend at least seven nights exploring all the islands comfortably and having the best experience. 

Remember, most of the islands in Lakshadweep are remote, and here, you would have only limited internet connectivity. So, take note of this while planning your trip. You can choose a cruise package to Lakshadweep or make your customised itinerary. The latter is a better option as you can spend as much time as you want at a specific location. 

Book your hotels well in advance while planning a holiday to Lakshadweep, as there are only limited places to stay on these islands. Also, you must get a special permit from the government of India as Lakshadweep comes under the purview of protected areas. 

You must note that not all the islands you plan to visit will be in operation at the time of your visit. So, be ready to be flexible with your itinerary. 

Here is a seven-day itinerary you can follow:

Day 1 – Reach Agatti

Start your journey from your hometown and take a flight to Agatti. From most places in India, you won't find a direct flight. So, be ready to take a stopover. When you land at Agatti, keep your eyes glued to the window as you witness a stunning view of the island's blue waters and lush greenery below. 

After you arrive at the airport, head straight to your hotel, get something to eat and rest for a while. You can hop onto a boat in the late afternoon to proceed to Kavaratti. The boat ride is a two-hour journey. The moment you step into Kavaratti, the pristine beauty all around will take your breath away! Check into the hotel and rest for the night. 

Day 2 – Explore Kavaratti

Start your day early if you are staying at a beach resort. Don't miss the view of the stunning sunrise. After breakfast, you can go out and rent a bike and start exploring the island. You can head to Broken Ship Point. It is a secluded place. So, make sure to ask the locals for the way. 

It is a stunning attraction, and you can click some spectacular pictures. You can spend a couple of hours there simply admiring the beauty of the place. Later, you can head to restaurants nearby for lunch and enjoy a delicious meal. Make sure to taste the local dishes. 

Later, you can drive around the island, stop at places that interest you, and talk to the locals to get more information about the place. 

Day 3 – Explore the marine life at Kavaratti

Reserve this day for some adrenaline-pumping activities like scuba diving. The water in Lakshadweep is clean, and even if you have scuba diving anywhere in the world, you would love to explore the marine life here. The marine life here is unique; you can discover the most amazing and colourful fishes. It is one of the best experiences you must have in Lakshadweep. 

After enjoying the dive, enjoy a refreshing coconut water and a hearty meal to wrap up the day. Later in the evening, you can simply relax at the beach and watch the sun go down. 

Day 4 – Leave for Bangaram Island

It is time for you to set sail once again and get to another island – Bangaram. It is one of the region's most beautiful islands, shaped like a teardrop. It is also much-loved by tourists for two reasons – the beaches here have the softest sand, and the beauty is unparalleled. Also, the island is the best place to participate in various water activities like snorkelling, kayaking and more. 

Spend your first day at Bangaram chilling around the different beaches and getting used to the island's laid-back vibe. You won't get internet access here, so be prepared to have fun doing other activities away from your screen. Take this as an opportunity to stay away from the screen and just relax in the lap of nature. 

Day 5 – Take part in water activities

Start your day with a hearty breakfast, then head to the sandbank, a beautiful attraction on the island. It is also a popular place for water activities like snorkelling. Here, under the water, you can see a shipwreck. After the activity, relax at the beach and click some stunning pictures of the surroundings and selfies to post on your social media channels. 

Later in the day, you can head for another adventure – kayaking. It is one of the best activities you can do that will amaze you. Finally, end the day with a candle-lit dinner on the beachside. 

Day 6 – Explore the nearby islands

Be sure to have great fun today as you can go on an expedition to explore the turtle colonies. You can locate these colonies everywhere around Bangaram and other islands nearby. Hop into a glass bottom boat, and you can see turtles everywhere under you. As you head close to Thinnakara Island, you will find many turtles around you. 

Next, explore other islands like Parali 1 and Parali 2 island. These islands are mostly submerged in the sea. There is not much to see, but you can click on some beautiful pictures. Next, head to Thinnakara Island; as you reach here, be ready to be in awe of the stunning beauty of the place. The landscape is replete with white sand and swaying palm trees. 

Here on this island, you won't see many people around, and it would be an ideal romantic gateway. The beauty of this place is comparable to other island paradises in the world, such as Maldives and Seychelles. 

Day 7 – Head back to hometown

It is time to bid goodbye to Lakshadweep and head back home. 

Things to remember when you visit Lakshadweep

  • Carry sufficient cash to meet all your expenses, food, activities, etc. There are no ATMs in most of the islands here. 
  • Internet connectivity is limited, so online payment is impossible.
  • The only network available is BSNL.
  • You have to take a package tour. The only way to reach these islands is to choose a reliable travel agency.
  • Book your flights only after obtaining the permits and booking your hotels.
  • Don't miss out on water activities, especially scuba diving and snorkelling.

So, what are you waiting for? Relax, unwind, and reconnect with nature in this paradise. Start planning your escape today for an ultimate holiday rejuvenation!

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