The Thiruvananthapuram district in Kerala is home to Poovar Island. There are many places to see in Poovar.

The island is situated in the Neyyattinkara. Poovar village is at the southernmost point and offers to tourists plenty of fun-filled things to do in Kerala. This village is famous for its distinctive and beautiful beach that attracts thousands of visitors throughout the year. Kerala Tourism is incomplete without a visit to Poovar Island.

In the Malayalam language, ‘Poovar’ means river and flower. The natural beauty of Poovar Island is stunning and undisturbed. Poovar enjoys pleasant weather almost throughout the year. However, it is a fantastic idea to visit Poovar Island between the months of October to February. 

Following are the top five things to do in Poovar Island

  1. Unlimited Fun at Various Beaches
  2. Vizhinjam Harbour
  3. Vizhinjam Marine Aquarium
  4. Kovalam Surf Club
  5. Famous Museums and Art Galleries
  6. Enjoy the Day Boating in Poovar
  7. Take a Trip to the Poovar
  8. Go for a Picnic to the Neyyar Dam in Poovar
  9. Spend Some Time at the Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary in Poovar

    1. Unlimited Fun at Various Beaches

A trip to Poovar Island is incomplete without exploring the nearby beaches like Pozhikkara Beach, Lighthouse Beach, Kovalam Beach, and Hawa Beach. These beaches are the best attractions nearby Poovar.


  • Pozhikkara

Pozhikkara is a spectacular destination and extremely popular amongst tourists. It is situated at a distance of just a kilometre from Poovar Island. A stunning sandbank lies between the backwater and the sea. You will be mesmerised to witness the merging of the lake and the sea during heavy rainfall. The sandbank gets submerged in water as the water level rises.

Pozhikera is also a well-known spot for watching birds in the trails of Kerala Tourism. The variety and vibrancy of the flora and fauna of this region are simply spectacular. This place is a paradise for birding enthusiasts who come here to check out local and migratory birds. It is a great idea to keep your camera ready for capturing photographs of some rare and exotic birds. Rains transform this place into a lush green paradise.

The non-rainy seasons have a special charm as the sun is always shining and the tourists enjoy sunbathing at the beach. Pozhikkara will welcome you with open arms as the locals are warm and hospitable. The Kovalam Beach is located at a distance of four kilometres from Pozhikkara.

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  • Lighthouse Beach 

This is on of the best places to see near Poovar and another very popular beach on the list of Kerala Tourism destinations. The lighthouse is a shining attraction at this beach. Visitors can go up the stairs of the lighthouse and enjoy a spectacular view of the sea and the beach. Photographers enjoy clicking a lot of pictures from the lighthouse. It is advisable to check in advance if cameras are allowed to be taken inside the lighthouse as the rules change with time. A spiral staircase takes you to the top of the lighthouse. The climb and build up are completely worth the effort once you reach the top. 

Southern Kerala can be observed in its enchanting glory from this fantastic vantage point. Families and honeymooning couples love to visit the top of the lighthouse to create memories for a lifetime. It is truly a lively destination that you must explore when you are visiting Poovar Island. The tall coconut trees on the beach, the vivacious waves bursting at the rocky shores, the fisher folks with their colourful boats and wide fishing nets, and the endless ocean will keep you spellbound for hours. The beautiful winds will soothe your senses and make you remember the view forever. Amongst the important things to do in Kerala, visiting this beach is a must. 

  • Kovalam Beach

Kovalam Beach is an internationally famous spot. It boasts of the unique feature of having three crescent beaches in the adjacent area. It is one of the top tourist destinations in Kerala. Do not miss visiting this amazing beach when you are in Poovar Island with your family and friends. A huge rocky headland on the beach has created a naturally stunning bay of tranquil waters perfect for bathing in the sea. Tourists enjoy this fantastic feature of Kovalam Beach and enjoy bathing in the sea when the sun is not too harsh. Remember to take all safety precautions while planning a dip in the sea with your loved ones.

If you are in Poovar for island activities, visit this nearby beach. It offers plenty of exciting options for leisurely activities throughout the year. During very heavy rains, some parts here may not be allowed for exploration, bathing or swimming as the water level rises. You can then relax, enjoy the local seafood and indulge in sunbathing, and rejuvenating body massages.

There are always some exotic cultural activities organised for tourists. You and your family members can make the most of the same. In your list of things to do in Kerala, you must make time for a cruise on the catamaran. There are some fun-filled catamaran cruises available here. You can plan a ride in one of such cruises as your family and friends will surely enjoy the experience of cruising when on a holiday in Kerala.

The beach has a complex where you shop for basic essentials, medicines and also get top ayurvedic treatment for health and relaxation. A lot of tourists like to plan a longer than usual trip to Kovalam Beach as they are offered a complete experience of authentic Kerala Tourism.

Right from water sports, cruising, swimming to relishing some scrumptious Kerala seafood and getting the best ayurvedic massages, Kerala Tourism can be witnessed at its best here. Tourists can use the convention facilities along with the swimming pools, shopping avenues and yoga centres. The large variety of fresh seafood like prawns, lobsters, crabs, shrimps, clams and squids is cooked with aromatic and flavourful spices from the nearby spice plantations.

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Trying local cuisine is also one of the things to do in Poovar and around it. At Kovalam Beach, you can sample a variety of local dishes as well as continental delights. Shop for local clothes, handicrafts and souvenirs at the shops near the beach. Kovalam Beach offers an all-round experience of Kerala Tourism to everyone who visits the place.

You can extend your trip by visiting the nearby attractions like Sri Chitra Art Gallery, Napier Museum, and Padmanabhaswamy Temple. You can also pick up some beautiful ethnic souvenirs at the SMSM Institute, which is a handicraft emporium.

Eve’s Beach is close to the Lighthouse Beach and is also known as the Hawa Beach. This beach is picturesque and buzzing with tourists who enjoy their holidays by spending their time soaking in the sun. You are bound to have a soothing experience visiting this beach as it welcomes you with its scenic beauty. You will not be able to help yourself from taking some stunning pictures at the Hawa Beach.

Poovar Island is away from the busy beaches like Lighthouse beach and Hawa Beach. You will notice that this beach is very popular with international tourists. It looks very different and even more beautiful as the sun goes down.

  1. Vizhinjam Harbour

Poovar Island will offer you plenty of avenues to relax and relish the delicious food of Kerala. However, just 14 kilometres away from Poovar Island is a fantastic natural harbour called Vizhinjam. It is one of the top places to see in Poovar.

Here, you can visit the cave temple to witness the unique beauty of the rock cut sculptures from the 18th century. Vizhinjam is situated very close to the international shipping routes in Thiruvananthapuram.

The Vizhinjam Harbour is also historically significant as an important natural harbour abuzz with seafarers. This spectacular harbour is about three kilometres away from Kovalam. The cave temples of Kerala can be found here. The famous cave temples are distributed between Tirunandikara, Vizhinjam, Tuvarankad, and Bhutapandi. The presiding deity in almost all the cave temples is Lord Shiva. This destination attracts a lot of tourists who are fascinated by these cave temples where during important religious occasions, a large number of devotees offer prayers.

You can even book a rejuvenating massage and treatment session at one of the famous ayurvedic centres at Vizhinjam.

  1. Vizhinjam Marine Aquarium

Poovar Island is famous for its undisturbed natural beauty. Once you have enjoyed the uninterrupted view of the confluence of the river, lake, backwaters and the sea then you can plan some fun-filled activities at Vizhinjam Marine Aquarium and Kovalam Surf Club.

Formally known as the Sagarika Marine Research Aquarium, the Vizhinjam Marine Aquarium is situated about two kilometres from Kovalam. The aquarium is very popular with children who love spending their time here. One of the most fun attractions here is observing the Image Pearl Technique. You can witness implanting of any shape inside an oyster and formation of a new pearl. The Image Pearl Technique at the aquarium uses shell cement to create brand new pearls.

A spellbinding variety of fish can also be seen at the Vizhinjam Marine Aquarium. You will be able to see clown fish, seahorses, cowfish, eels, angelfish, boxfish, and wrasses. Visitors usually tend to spend hours observing the features of these exotic marine creatures. A grand tank of reefs with colourful corals attracts many visitors and is a major attraction at the aquarium.

The visitors can seek more information through the published material available at the aquarium. It is indeed a wonderful experience to have a closer look at the vibrant marine life exhibited at the Vizhinjam Marine Aquarium. The aquarium is open all through the week from 9 am to 5 pm. It is recommended that you check the entry fees for the aquarium before planning a visit.

  1. Kovalam Surf Club

Adventure lovers are going to have an incredible time at the Kovalam Surf Club specially designed for those looking to surf and indulge in other water sports. If you like to surf the sea, then a visit to the Kovalam Surf Club should be at the top of your list of things to do in Kerala. This surf club is operated by a local NGO called SISP. This NGO helps the local communities that are struggling with their living conditions. It offers free education, medical care and literacy classes to the local communities.

The surf club works closely with the lifeguards and the local police. It offers surfing equipment to the tourists and also helps with basic surfing lessons. All the members of the Kovalam Surf Club are local boys and girls of Kovalam and from the neighbouring villages. The experts at the surf club will guide you about the safety measures to be taken and the correct techniques of surfing. Check how much the experience will cost you, the price of the necessary equipment and also undertake basic training before you head out to enjoy surfing in the waters of Kerala.

  1. Famous Museums and Art Galleries

One of the most fascinating things to do in Kerala is to visit the Krishna Menon Museum. The museum houses personal belongings of the notable statesman Late V.K.Krishna Menon. The museum is a monument of immense pride for the people of Kerala. There is also an art gallery on the same campus. Do remember to visit this gallery along with your family members as it displays some magnificent paintings by the world-famous artist Raja Ravi Varma. You can also plan a visit to another popular art gallery called Pazhassiraja Museum. This art gallery is dedicated to the famous freedom fighter Pazhassiraja.

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  1. Enjoy the Day Boating in Poovar

One of the top things to do in Poovar is to embark on a mesmerizing boat ride along its picturesque backwaters. This enchanting journey allows you to glide gently through the calm waters, surrounded by the lush greenery of mangroves and the vibrant hues of estuaries. As you navigate through this peaceful landscape, you'll be greeted by the sight of pristine beaches that border the village, offering a perfect blend of relaxation and scenic beauty.

No matter the place, a boat ride is always a delight for kids of all ages. Observe the lovely beaches, mangroves, estuaries, and more during this ride.

  1. Take a Trip to the Poovar village

During your family vacations, teach your children about the local Keralite culture by visiting the Poovar village – one of the popular tourist places to visit in Poovar. This visit should surely keep them engrossed as they watch men working in the paddy fields or building strong boats. The older and more daring ones could even venture climbing up a coconut tree under the watchful eye of the local experts. This is a great place to experience Poovar island activities.

  1. Go for a Picnic to the Neyyar Dam in Poovar

An absolutely stunning location for sightseeing in Poovar is the Neyyar Dam. It is a gravity dam built on the river with the same name. With the surrounding mountains, lakes, and waterfalls, this certainly makes for a picturesque spot. Whether you're an avid photographer, a nature lover, or someone seeking a peaceful escape, this picturesque spot is sure to leave a lasting impression and is one of the amazing places to see in Poovar.

  1. Spend Some Time at the Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary in Poovar

The Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary figures among the top places to visit in Poovar. It is known especially for its elephant and deer rehabilitation centers which the kids will certainly enjoy visiting. The sanctuary is home to over 176 species of birds and 39 species of mammals. Along with these things to do in Poovar, have a look at tourist places to visit in Poovar Island, Kerala to make the most of your family vacation!

Best Time to Visit and How to Reach Poovar

The best time to visit Poovar Island for family vacations is between the months of September and March. This is because the island can experience very heavy rainfalls during the monsoons.

The nearest airport is the Trivandrum International Airport which is around 25km away. The nearest railway station is the Thiruvananthapuram Railway Station which is around 23km away.

A trip to Poovar Island is made memorable by a fun boating experience on the relaxing backwaters and the majestic Neyyar River. There are several incredible things to do in Kerala and a visit to Poovar Island should be among the very top of those. The fantastic variety of tourism options in an around Poovar Island will make your trip to Kerala extremely enjoyable. You and your family members can explore the many attractions here like the surf club, lighthouse, marine aquarium, natural harbours, and enchanting cave temples; not to forget, enjoy the local Kerala cuisine

You can visit Poovar Island in the months of October to February and March to May. When in Poovar Island, stay at the Poovar Resort in Kerala by Club Mahindra. The resorts offer comfortable and spacious rooms with all modern amenities. The in-house restaurants at these luxurious resorts give you and your family a chance to relish the delectable local cuisine of Kerala. The delicious local fare will satisfy your cravings for fresh and organic food. You can also check Club Mahindra reviews posted on the website by guests to plan better.

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