Coronavirus coupled with flu season - not a good combination! But that is the current situation in most places. This means that every individual needs to work twice as harder to make sure that they stay healthy and their immediate surroundings are clean and sanitized with an alcohol-based disinfectant.

We are all to stay home due to the COVID-19 lockdown and while that is a safe space, it is time to make it a clean space as well. Eat healthy, maintain personal hygiene and practice social distancing to help in reducing the spread of the disease. Check out some home cleaning tips to make sure that you and your family live in an illness-free house:

Disinfect Surfaces

Meaning to clean the kitchen platforms or scrub the floors? Please, do it! Home quarantine means you have some extra time on hands and this should be put to use by cleaning and disinfecting all the surfaces. Coronavirus doesn’t hang in the air but falls on floors and other surfaces, hence contaminating them. Your house may be clean, but it’s time to make your home germ-free!

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Wash Clothes

Live in pajamas during the COVID-19 lockdown if you want but make it a habit to put them to wash them every second day or preferably, every day. While you are at it, take a bath as well and keep yourself clean and hygienic. Illnesses tend to breed in dirty spaces and continue to live on clothes and skin so it is necessary that personal hygiene is given a lot of importance. Also, if you happen to be stepping out of your home, just as a precautionary measure, put your clothes in the laundry and wash your face and arms as soon as you come back home.

Clean & Empty Fridge

When you start cleaning your fridge, you will come across a few items that are so old that you will have trouble figuring out when did you buy or make it in the first place. Such things do not belong in the fridge and it is high time that you get rid of them. If anything smells or tastes doubtful, that too belongs in the garbage and not your fridge. Eating questionable food can give you an upset stomach, induce vomiting or in some cases, cause fever. During the home quarantine, keep your fridge stocked of only non-perishable food items, leftovers that should be finished in 1-2 days, water, milk, etc.

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Use Gloves

Sounds excessive, but gloves are very ‘handy’. While cleaning, you wouldn’t want your hand to come in contact with unfavourable textures like a cobweb or dust ball or (hope not) fungus. It’s best to protect your hands from any kind of dirt or germs that can react in an unfavourable manner towards your body and make you fall ill. Wear gloves while cleaning the vessels, disinfecting surfaces, getting to the secluded corners of your home or even while taking out the garbage.

Declutter Medicine Cabinets

Just like your fridge, make sure to declutter your medicine cabinet as well. Remove any medicine that is past its expiry date or does not ease any ailment that you or a family member may be suffering from. Taking medicines that are not meant for you or self-prescribing yourself based on basic research on the internet is not a good idea. Instead of making you feel better, it may end up making you sicker and that is not what you want during the COVID-19 lockdown.

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