To treat yourself and your family during the coronavirus lockdown, you prepared a delicious meal. Used some of the best crockery and cutlery, and served everyone with love and generosity. Now that all that is over with, it’s time to deal with the space where you created all that yummy food - the kitchen.

While cooking brings a smile on your face, the mess that goes into creating something can seem overwhelming. No doubt, the kitchen is where all the magic happens for ideas to spark, ignite and take form, it is also necessary to keep the room clean. During the home quarantine, most of us seem to be spending time in the kitchen so why not take the extra effort to make it sparkling clean and spotless with these kitchen hacks?

#1 Make Way for Bread!

What do you generally do with the first and last slice from a loaf of bread? Throw it away! But don’t do that yet because there are more uses to those rather neglected slices of bread. Especially during the coronavirus lockdown, when supplies and groceries are hard to come by, even wasting these slices seems silly. Make ways for these 5 minute kitchen hacks to make better use of bread. What you can do is tear up the slices into smaller pieces and powder them up. These are crumbs that you can use to coat patties or slices of meat/veggies and get a yummy, crispy coating. Another use is that if something made of glass or enamel breaks and shatters into tiny pieces, a slice of bread is useful to dab on the surface and catch hold of the tiniest glass pieces that your naked eye must have missed.

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#2 Getting Baked

Before your mind wanders elsewhere, we are talking about your kitchen floors and using baking soda to clean them up. All you have to do is sprinkle baking soda in the wedges between tiles (where the dust collects) and spray it with vinegar. Wait for a few seconds as it fizzles up and start scrubbing using an old toothbrush. In a matter of a few minutes, you will be walking on spotless, clean floors!

#3 To Cry or Not to Cry

Cutting onions is one of the least enjoyable things to do in the kitchen. Nobody likes stinging eyes with tears rolling down the cheeks while trying to get done with the task on hand. During home quarantine, it seems like the chore takes up most of our time. But fret not, there is a cooking hack that will stop your tear ducts from getting activated. One way to do that is not to cut the root (hairy end) of the onion. Cut the top, peel of the skin and chop the onion as much as you can until removing the root becomes necessary. Another great hack is to first freeze your onions for about 30 minutes before cutting them. It becomes difficult to peel off the skin but there is no smell and no stinging sensation! Last but not the least, cut onion under running water. The smell and burn disappears down the drain, literally. Going to try these kitchen hacks!

#4 Flour Power

When was the last time you saw your sink shining and sparkling? Probably when you had it newly installed! Well, it’s time to bring back that shine and all you need is some flour. First, wash your sink with soap and completely dry it up. Dust the whole thing with flour and then get scrubbing and buffing. Your sink will end up looking as good as new! Like we said - there is (shining) power in a handful of flour! 

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#5 Easy-Peasy, Lemon-Squeazy!

Apart from being a great source of Vitamin C to include in your coronavirus lockdown diet, lemon is a blessing in disguise when it comes to cleaning your kitchen. Rub half a lemon on a vessel that has grease marks that just wont go away and watch it get sparkly clean in a matter of a few minutes. If your microwave needs a good cleaning too, place a glass of water with half a lemon inside the microwave and warm it for 3-5 minutes. Even after the timer goes off, let the glass of water and lemon remain inside so that the steam can work its magic. Remove the glass and wipe the insides of a microwave with a napkin. Clean microwave in no time!

Hope you find these useful. Stay home, stay safe and make sure to use these kitchen hacks!

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