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Jodhpur is a tourist’s delight. The serene blue of the traditional houses and the earthy tones of the forts and palaces blend into one another, and together with the brilliant hues of the desert skies, create a rich tapestry.

The intricate jaali work and the jharokas, the sandstone and marble, the bustling marketplace (at the centre of which is the famous clock tower), the handicrafts and artefacts that you can pick up for a song in various little outlets, are all typical to this city. Indeed, you can literally spot art in every street corner!

However, if you truly wish to truly imbibe the culture of the region, you must open yourself to its rich, traditional cuisine. With recipes dating back centuries, Jodhpur food is unique in the sense that the desert geography, long royal lineage, and typically home-grown food have found their ways into the kitchens of the local populace.

Here are some local dishes that will redefine your Jodhpur experience:

1. Sizzling Snacks

Kachori: There are many varieties of kachoris available. However, the grand pyaaz kachori, with its typical spicy onion filling, is a hot favourite. It is served with amazing chutneys.

Jodhpur Mirchi Bada: This is so famous that it takes the name of the town. Fried chillies served with tangy and tasty chutney is a mouth-watering dish that you may get addicted to.

2. Mouth-watering Main Course

Dal Bati Churma: A dish dating back to the Mewar Dynasty and invented during wartime, dal bati churma has evolved into one of the most famous dishes of Jodhpur. It comprises dal made from five types of lentils (panchmela dal); bati or carefully baked wheat balls; and churma, a sweetened powdered cereal. The dish is served with oodles of ghee. The combo makes for an extremely satisfying meal and finds a place in every list of famous food in Jodhpur.

Laal Maas: Tender, succulent lamb meat cooked in a local variety of chillis and spices; laal maas is an endurance test for your spice levels. It is cooked in a pure copper vessel that is said to lend a unique flavour to the dish. The various spices, ghee, and yogurt all blend into a delightful flavour. It is usually served with tandoori roti. This red-hot, flavoursome Jodhpuri royal cuisine is a gastronomic delight.

Gatte Ki Sabzi: Made with gram flour and an assortment of spices, this simple dish is a fabulous accompaniment to all kinds of Indian bread and puris. Gatte ki sabzi is comfort food at its best.

3. Decadent Desserts

Mawa Kachori: Mawa kachori is a Jodhpuri invention. True to its name, it is a kachori filled with mawa (a kind of sweetened clotted cream) and sprinkled with powdered pistachios. Outwardly it resembles a typical kachori but it has a sweet filling.

Rabdi Ke Ghewar: Ghewar is a delicious dish made from ghee, milk, and flour. When anointed generously with rabdi – another popular milk dish – and garnished with powdered pistachios and strands of saffron, the combination is nothing short of sinful!

End it all with a large glass of lassi topped with a dollop of butter. You’re now ready for a siesta, only to wake up to the view of the crimson setting sun.

With all this and more awaiting you at Jodhpur, why not plan a family vacation? If there is one place that will enhance your experience even further, it is Club Mahindra’s affiliate resort in Jodhpur, Pratap Niwas. Exclusive and no less stunning than a palace, the spacious rooms with their regal art decor will leave you with a first-hand experience of the royal life.

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