Quarantine chef? Check.
Participated in all social media trends? Check.
Watched the same shows on Netflix rather than trying something new? Check.
Caught up with your reading list? Check.
Made a list of all things you’ve done? Check.
Now, what next?

Pretty sure, most of you are looking up more ways to keep yourself occupied, your spirits high and your days productive with a new set of activities. The coronavirus lockdown has made many realise that when not working, they have nothing else to look forward to. That’s why, building up a set of new skills or indulging in different activities is much needed. For all those who want to explore their creative side or keep oneself entertained, check out this list:

#1 Homemade Candles, Anyone?

Love the smell of scented candles wafting throughout the house? How about making some of your own during the coronavirus lockdown? It’s simple (and a bit messy) but super-fun! Wax flakes and basic candle wicks are easily available so you can purchase these to begin working on homemade candles. Start with melting these wax flakes in an old vessel and while that’s happening, find an appropriate container for the candle (reuse an old candle holder or a mason glass jar). Place the wick inside the container and hold it in place by keeping a chopstick on either side at the opening of the container. Pour in the hot wax. Personalise this with elements of your choice - aromatic leaves, flower petals, artificial colours (swirl them around for a marble effect) - whatever takes your fancy and you would want your house to smell like! Let the wax completely cool down before lighting up your homemade candle!

#2 Stitch it up

Most of us will be having threads and needles at home - not in a proper sewing kit but in an old cookie box, obviously. But learning how to stitch and putting it into practice can be a great way to keep yourself occupied during home quarantine! You can take an online course or look up tutorials on YouTube on how to stitch. Start with the basics like different type of stitches and then move on to learning how to stitch different shapes and sizes. By the end of the lockdown, you may have revamped your wardrobe with some cool new stitches!

#3 Want to Play Housie?

Apart from Ludo, Housie has become the next big thing during the coronavirus lockdown. You can easily spend 2-3 hours playing Housie on Zoom with your friends and family. It’s more fun when there is a bigger group to play with and with some prizes to look forward to and participate with more enthusiasm. There are Housie ticket generators available online but another way of playing the game is you can tell the participants to make their own tickets and send these to the host. This way, each person is responsible for their own shot at winning and there less chances of cheating involved!

#4 Scrapbook Your Lockdown

No doubt, the COVID-19 lockdown is going to be something that people are going to remember for years to come and regale stories to the future generations. For some it will be a happy memory while for others it will spark sour feelings - either way, nobody is going to forget this time. Why not pen it down in a scrapbook to remember the highlights of this period? It can be writing down your thoughts or even supporting it with pictures or drawings. Feel free to let your creativity flow in your scrapbook about everything that you have done or has happened during the lockdown. You can mention all the shows and movies you have watched, cooking fails and successes, online courses that you took up and other key points that made your lockdown experience so memorable.

#5 Cleaning, Marie Kondo-style

While you stay home and practice social distancing, take it as an opportunity to deep clean your house. It’s time to stop stuffing a drawer or your wardrobe to breaking point. Llet it all out to finally figure what stays and what goes. Do as Marie Kondo does and ask yourself, “Does this spark joy?” for every item under scrutiny. If it really does spark joy and has been of use in the last 3 months, it stays! You can check out her website and her videos on YouTube for great tips and tricks on how to organise different parts of your house and experience true joy in cleaning out unwanted items.

Hope you stay home, stay safe and keep yourself entertained!

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