It is that time of the year again. As the winter approaches, Christmas preparations also pick up momentum. Preparing your home for Christmas is an important part of it.

This is the time when people are searching ideas for DIY Christmas decorations. That’s because decorating your home is more special when it is personal.

Decorating the Christmas tree is one of the crucial aspects of the whole decoration process. That’s because things are the same without it.

For many, this can be one of the best childhood memories they cherish for the rest of their life. However, people may sometimes struggle to come up with Christmas tree decoration ideas

So, here are some simple DIY Xmas tree ideas you can try.  

  • Souvenir

Are you a souvenir lover? Do you like to collect souvenirs from all the places you explore? If so, why not make them a part of your Christmas tree decoration ideas this year?

It is a wonderful way to infuse decorations with personal memories. Avoid using delicate or expensive souvenirs as people might touch them, or kids might try to play with them, and they might get damaged. 

Instead, cover your Christmas tree with little inexpensive souvenirs. After all, they are up there as Christmas tree decoration and the idea is to remind you of a year well spent. You can even gift some of them to your guests or entertain them with fascinating stories about how and when you procured them.

  • Tasty Treats

One of the best yet simple Christmas tree decorating ideas is to hide little chocolates or wrapped sweets on the Christmas tree branches. If you’ve kids in your house or expecting them on December 25th, consider this one of the best tree decorating ideas to keep them busy. 

You can add more than one tasty treat to your Christmas tree decoration. The idea is to make it more exciting for the little ones.

Here are some edible Christmas tree ideas for decoration:

  • Candy Canes

Candy Canes 

Hang classic candy canes on the branches for a festive and sweet touch. You can choose traditional flavours or explore different candy cane varieties.

  • Chocolate Ornaments

Chocolate Ornaments

You can tie small chocolate pieces on the tree. You can even melt chocolate and mould them into shapes like stars or bells.

  • Marshmallow 


You can use marshmallows by stacking them on top of each other. You can even add a small carrot nose to make it resemble a snowman.

  • Peppermint


Hang individually wrapped peppermints on the tree. These round, minty treats add a refreshing and festive touch to your list of DIY Christmas decorations. 

  • Pictures Frames


Christmas tree decorating ideas are not just about glamour and glitter. Use this year’s Christmas celebration to revive old and happy memories. 

Take out the old family photographs, photos from your family trips or celebrations, etc., and hang them all over the Christmas tree. 

You can also honour the happy memories of loved ones who are no longer around. Alternatively, you can start a tradition of taking family photographs with the Christmas tree every year and adding them to the tree. 

  • Traditional

The traditional Christmas tree decoration ideas comprising round ornaments in vibrant colours and lighting arrangements can never go out of fashion. 

You can also wrap the tree with strings of white or multi-coloured Christmas lights. They add a warm and inviting glow to the tree.

Next on the list of traditional DIY Christmas decoration ideas is ornaments like glass balls, tinsel, and baubles. Consider a colour theme or mix red, green, gold, and silver for a classic look.

The classic tree topper is the gold star. Place the bright gold star on the top of the Christmas tree to complete the traditional look, and you’re ready for the season. 

You can also give an ethnic twist to your traditional Xmas tree ideas by hanging Indian-ethnic ornaments. Rajasthani trinkets, colourful glass Bangles, or imitation jewellery can make your tree stand out, oozing positive energy all around the place.   

  • Bookmarks

If you're an avid reader and a regular book buyer, you may have accumulated countless bookmarks. These bookmarks can become one of the unique Christmas tree ideas that everyone would love. 

Design these bookmarks in various shapes and sizes, like stars, snowflakes, sleighs, or Santa Claus. 

You can even create different chains containing five to six shapes using thin ropes and wrap them around the Christmas tree. This is one of the ideas where you can improvise a lot.

You can use old magazine papers and cut them into shapes to add to the bookmark chain.   

  • Antiques

Many families can have a great collection of rare antique pieces. For instance, you may possess an old pocket watch of your great-grandfather or a centuries-old candleholder. You can use all these antique items in your decoration and give a vintage look to your Christmas tree.

Integrate the antique pieces with your Christmas tree decoration ideas like ornaments, lights, and other decorations on the tree. This will help create a harmonious balance between the vintage elements and the overall festive decor.

Apart from the joy and celebrations, decorating for the Christmas tree can be a great way to spend some quality time together with your family and strengthen the bond between family members. So, take this opportunity to teach the next generation the importance of family in a fun-filled way. 

Merry Christmas!

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