Friends are probably god’s greatest gift to mankind after mother. Friends are like angels who stick with you through thick and thin. They are the one who extend their hands to get you back up when you fall. Friends are your secret keepers. 

To honour the beautiful bond between friends, we have Friendship Day. It is celebrated every year on the first Sunday of August. It is a day when you would want to thank all your friends for being your confidant, your guide, the go-to person for everything.  

With Friendship day around the corner, you may want to buy some gifts for your friend and express your gratitude and tell them how much they mean to you. If you are looking for friendship day gift ideas, we have got your back. We list down some gifting options that you can choose for your friend.  

Streaming service subscription 

If your friend is someone who likes to stay in and chill, a streaming service subscription would be an ideal gift for them. You can buy a monthly/yearly plan for them and you both can enjoy having a binge-watch party. What’s better to celebrate a beautiful day than watching your favourite movie/series all day and having the company of your best friend. There are many streaming services, choose the one that your friend likes and you both have your entertainment sorted! 

Home plants 

If you are looking for some unique friendship day gifts, then you can buy your friends some home plants. They actually make an excellent gift option for all occasions. Plants create a peaceful atmosphere at home, and uplift the aesthetic appeal of the home décor. Every day, as your friend wakes up to the clean fresh air, they may be reminded of you. 

Skincare products 

Does your friend have a thing for skincare? If yes, then it would be a good idea to have a gift hamper full of beauty products. Depending on your friend's preference, you can choose a few products from their favourite skincare brand or maybe you can gift them something that you would like them to try.  

It is always a safe bet to buy natural and ayurvedic products. It has minimal risk of causing any side effects and these products are generally more effective and provide long-term results than chemical-induced products.  

Fitness-related gifts 

If your friend likes to spend more time at the gym working out than with you, you know what their true love is. So, this friendship day, you can buy some meaningful gifts for your friend, like a fitness tracker, a pair of running shoes, workout gear, a yoga mat, etc. The options are endless but whatever you pick, what would matter to your friend would be your gesture. 

Plan a surprise trip  

What better way to celebrate friendship day than friends travelling together? It would give you a chance to escape the everyday routine and have that much-needed time together. It could be a day to reminisce about the good old days, relieve those precious moments you have had together, all the troubles you had together as you explore and enjoy the scenic beauty of your place.  

With your Club Mahindra membership, you can book the best holiday with your friends at any of the 100+ resorts worldwide.   

A healthy snacks hamper 

If your friend is a foodie or likes to munch on snacks all day, every day, a healthy snack hamper would be the best gift for friendship day. You can get them a good mix of their guilty pleasure and healthy snack items. A few low-calorie wafers, protein bars, vegan chocolates, would surely delight them to no end.  

Jess C. Scoot famously said, Friends are the family you choose. So, go ahead, choose one of these gifts, and celebrate the ‘chosen ones’ in your life this Friendship Day. 

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