The grey clouds hovering in the sky and the dampness in the air, the chirping of the birds in the evening and the orange sky at dusk tells you that the rains are finally here! The rains bring with them some much-needed relief from the hot searing sun and unleash a new life for nature. As the monsoon brings the summer to a close, one of the best things you can do is go on a long drive to Mahabaleshwar and leave all your troubles behind in the urban jungle.

Mahabaleshwar is the origin of the River Krishna, a lifeline of South-Central India. A popular hill station amongst generations, it’s one of the last remaining abodes of evergreen beauty in Western India. A drive to Mahabaleshwar will take you through some of the most scenic parts of Maharashtra. It’s here that you truly get to experience the beauty of nature.

A Drive to Remember:

As you leave your home in an urban jungle and begin the drive towards Mahabaleshwar, the steel and concrete structures that engulf you slowly disappear to be replaced by the vivid green of trees and fields that soothe and calm the urbane mind. The Ghats twist and turn and take you deeper into lush evergreen forests where you’re one with nature. It’s here that you truly connect with your loved ones and have some of the most magical of all experiences. Roll down the car windows and feel the cool breeze rush through – it’s an amazing feeling.

Journeys like these don’t come out too often, cherish the ones that do. It’s said that people bond and connect on travels and this is no different. As you leave the familiarity of your everyday surroundings behind, you’ll experience something new, something magical; this is what will stay with you forever.

Rain, Rain Come Again:

There’s something magical about rains in Maharashtra. They bring with them a bundle of joy and optimism reserved for a messiah. Indeed, it’s an experience like no other to feel the magic and splendor of the south-west monsoon that lashes India’s western and northern parts for three or four months every year from June to September. These rains acquire a special character in Mahabaleshwar. With the rains, the forest comes back to life and greenery surrounds you. People travel from different corners of the country just to experience this. Strap on your backpack and venture out into the open, this promises to be an exhilarating experience like no other!

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