If you plan to visit Mahabaleshwar, then the best time is November to June, although the climate is pleasant all around the year. Home to well-known tourist spots such as Connaught Peak, Wilson Point, Bombay Point, Kate’s Point, Arthur’s Seat Point, and Elephant’s Head Point, Mahabaleshwar is also popular for its mulberry and strawberry farming industries. And the 3-year-old Mapro strawberry festival takes place during the Easter Holidays every year which is either in March or April.

If you wish to visit the strawberry festival, then the best month would be March to April during the easter holidays. 

Best Time to Visit Mahabaleshwar

Before we delve into the time to visit, just check the Climate of Mahabaleshwar that would be suitable for you to visit with your family

Mahabaleshwar Climate

Summer (March to June):

Temperature: Daytime temperatures range from 15°C to 35°C.

Summer is considered the peak tourist season.

The weather is generally pleasant, making it suitable for sightseeing and outdoor activities.

Monsoon (July to September):

Temperature: Daytime temperature typically ranges from 18°C to 24°C

Mahabaleshwar receives moderate to heavy rainfall during the monsoon.

The lush greenery becomes vibrant during this season.

While the rainfall can impact outdoor activities, it's a great time for nature lovers.

Autumn (October to November):

Temperature: Daytime temperatures range from 10°C to 28°C.

Post-monsoon, the weather becomes clear, and the surroundings are refreshed.

Winter (December to February):

Temperature: Daytime temperatures range from 5°C to 24°C.

Nights can be chilly, with temperatures dropping to around 4°C.

Winter is a popular time for tourists who enjoy the cool climate and occasional fog.

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Best Time to Visit Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar Climate

Climate and weather play a big role when you want to know more about the various points of attractions that Mahabaleshwar offers. The bright hues of summer in Mahabaleshwar strike a contrast with the surreal shades of winter at this hill station. And each season provides you with a distinct experience.

Although it is known as the Summer Capital of Maharashtra, the climate in Mahabaleshwar is pleasing and mild throughout the year, making it an ideal weekend getaway during the summer months, as well as in the winters.

Monsoon in Mahabaleshwar

In Mahabaleshwar, the monsoon usually lasts between mid-June and September. With damp weather and incessant rainfall, this time of the year usually doesn’t attract too many tourists. That said, the lush greenery of this hill station is all the more enhanced by monsoon showers. The temperature in this season generally ranges from 21 to 26 °C. If you love rains then mid-June to September is the best time to visit Mahabaleshwar.

Winter in Mahabaleshwar

Winter in Mahabaleshwar is usually between November and mid-March. Although winters can be rather chilly owing to its proximity to the Arabian Sea, this hill station manages to escape from the biting cold. The days are quite pleasant and warm with a temperature of about 25 °C. Night temperatures during winter often drop to 12 °C. . If you love cold temperature then November to Mid-March is the best time to visit Mahabaleshwar.

In Mahabaleshwar, summer runs from March to mid-June. The temperature during this season ranges from 15 °C at night to 30 °C during the daytime, but is far from unpleasant. The cool mountain breeze provides a measure of relief to what would otherwise be hot and sultry weather, prompting hordes of sightseers to throng this idyllic hill station. Not only because of pleasant temperature in summers but also because of famous Strawberry festival, March to mid-June is considered the best time to visit Mahabaleshwar.Summer in Mahabaleshwar

This the time when the lively Strawberry Festival takes place at the Mapro farms, and you can find multiple homemade strawberry based products at this 2-day festival. What is interesting to note is that these ‘Mahabaleshwar Strawberries’ have received a Geographical Indication (GI) tag, identifying the qualities and taste unique to that produced in Mahabaleshwar. Taking place during the month of March every year, add this to your summer attractions list at Mahabaleshwar, and get your hands on some mouth-watering jam jars, freshly picked strawberries, milkshakes and ice-creams.

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Places to Visit in Mahabaleshwar

1. Arthur Seat Point –Arthur Seat Point is around 8 km from Old Mahabaleshwar and about 14 km from Mahabaleshwar Bus Stand. One of the most visited spots in town, it gets its name from Sir Arthur Mallet, the first person to build a house here. You can reach Arthur Seat Point from Mahabaleshwar Bus Stand by cab or bus. The trip takes about 2-3 hours.

2. Elephant’s Head Point and Kate’s Point –At a stone’s throw from Mahabaleshwar Bus Stand are Elephant’s Head Point and Kate’s Point. Originally known as Nake Khind, this popular attraction is situated at a height of about 1290 metres. It comprises three attractions: Elephant’s Head Point (Needle Hole Point), Echo Point, and Kate’s Point. The protruding cliff does resemble an elephant’s head and trunk.

3. Lingmala Waterfall –Descending with all its might and pomp into Venna Valley, the best time to pay a visit to this enchanting waterfall is between July and October when the fury of the monsoon is evident. It is located at a height of 1278 metres.

4. Venna Lake/Dam –An artificial lake formed by the construction of Venna Dam (1842) is located quite close to Mahabaleshwar Bus Stand. This place is popular with newlywed couples. Children can indulge in amusements such as the merry-go-round, while adults can enjoy horse riding and boating. There are several eateries along the shore of the lake if you’re hungry.

5. Mahabaleshwar Mandir –Created in the name of Lord Shiva, this ancient Hindu temple dates to the 16th century and is situated in Old Mahabaleshwar. Flanked by a six-foot-high wall, this religious shrine is bifurcated into an inner and an outer section.

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Accommodation in Mahabaleshwar

While in Mahabaleshwar, you can have a comfortable stay at Club Mahindra Mahabaleshwar Sherwood or Club Mahindra affiliate, Saj Mahableshwar resort here.

1. Saj Mahabaleshwar Resort – Club Mahindra affiliate - Saj Mahabaleshwar resort, boasts of an incomparable ambience. It offers a bouquet of modern amenities in the midst of nature. Positioned atop a mountain, Saj Mahabaleshwar gives its tourists magnificent views of Mahabaleshwar’s scenic beauty. The rooms are spacious and well-furnished with modern facilities.

2. Sherwood Resort In Mahabaleshwar – Its easy access and perfect location make Club Mahindra Sherwood resort in Mahabaleshwar an exquisite getaway for the whole family. Spread over eight acres, the resort provides a captivating panorama of the surrounding forests. Well-furnished rooms with modern facilities provide much-needed comfort. Revel in the beauty of nature by taking a stroll through several walking trails at the resort. If you prefer to relax within the property, a visit to the spa would be ideal. After a relaxing massage, don’t hesitate to treat yourself to some scrumptious delicacies at the in-house restaurant.

To enjoy all facilities offered by Club Mahindra resorts to the fullest, be sure to get yourself a Club Mahindra membership. We also recommend you take a look at Club Mahindra reviews online to get an idea of the resort’s popularity among visitors. So why wait? Plan a weekend getaway to this enchanting hill station, and come back with memories that you will cherish forever!

Mahabaleshwar is one of the best place to visit in Maharashtra. Get a detailed information about Maharashtra tourism such as best time to visit, places to visit and things to do in Maharashtra.

Mahabaleshwar Family Holidays

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