Uttarakhand popularly known as Devbhumi (Land of Gods) is a beautiful state in the Himalayan region of India. The undisturbed natural beauty of this north-eastern state of India attracts tourists from all over the world. The people of Uttarakhand celebrate many unique festivals like Megh Mela, Ganga Dussehra, Bikhauti Mela and Kanwar Yatra.

The Rung Tribe of Pithorgarh District of Uttarakhand celebrates this very significant festival of Kandali. You along with your family can join the celebration of the Kandali Festival too. Plan a stay at the Club Mahindra Resorts in Uttarakhand to partake in other Uttarakhand festivals as well. These resorts offer spacious and comfortable rooms along with a host of modern amenities.

Read on to know more about the Kandali festival of Uttarakhand.

What is Kandali Festival?

Kandali literally means Stinging Nettle. The plant of Kandali bears flowers once in twelve years. The Festival of Kandali marks the blooming of purple flowers of the Kandali Plant. The flowers bloom between the months of August and October. The Rung tribe of Pithoragarh District celebrates the vibrant festival of Kandali with much enthusiasm.

Amusing folklores are also attached to this festival. According to a popular legend, this is an Uttarakhand festival, which is celebrated to commemorate the defeat of Zoarawar Singh’s army.

War Cries and Victory Dance

The Rung tribe members perform a victory dance during Kandali festival. Men, women and children hold a cheerful and fun procession which is led by the tribal women. These beautiful women hold a Ril, a special tool used for compacting carpet on a loom. The men and the children hold shields and swords.

The most significant festival of Uttarakhand, Kandali begins with offering prayers and worshipping the shivling. The shivling is made of flour of barley and buckwheat. Members of the Rung tribe decorate their houses with flowers.

Savdhoomo Sabha and Delectable Food

The valley located between Kali River and Dhauli River echoes with the sound of singing and dancing. As the energetic dancers approach the Kandali plant, the singing turns into loud war cries. The women leading the procession attack the Kandali bushes holding Rils. The men enact a symbolic warlike scene by hacking and uprooting the bushes. These uprooted bushes symbolise the victory of people over the attack of Zoarawar Singh. The atmosphere is filled with singing and victory cries. The people throw rice grains up in the air and wish for a victorious valley. The rice grains thrown towards the sky signify respect to the deities and Gods. The people then gather in an assembly known as “Sav-dhoom Sabha” and enjoy a mouth-watering feast of sweetmeats and fruits, and also liquor. The Kandali last bloomed in October 2011.

Celebrate Kandali Festival

You too can take part in the Kandali festival and many more Uttarakhand festivals when holidaying in the state. When here, stay at any of the Club Mahindra resorts in Uttarakhand. The rooms of Club Mahindra Uttarakhand resorts offer the most gorgeous sights of the mountain ranges. Pamper yourself in the luxurious spas, relax at the bars or just curl up with a book in any of the libraries.

The Club Mahindra resorts have luxurious in-house restaurants where you can relish the delicious local cuisine of Uttarakhand. The Garwhali and Kumaon recipes will satisfy your cravings for fresh and organic food. These Club Mahindra reviews by members highlight how you can enjoy local delicacies like Churkani, Ghaut ki Dal and Bal Mithai. Plan your trip to Uttarakhand to celebrate the vibrant festival of Kandali.

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