The luxury of fresh air. The privilege of dancing beneath the stars. The joy of a (tea) toast in the hills. The thrill of counting clouds. The excitement of spotting a blue-winged parakeet. The wonder of tracing sunlight. The promise of a new adventure each and every day! Club Mahindra’s bank of resorts in South India offer older couples the chance to live life to the fullest. Because age is just a number in the world of travel. Here are 4 resorts for those ever-green souls.

Eagleton Golf Resort, Bengaluru

There are plenty of reasons why Eagleton Golf Resort makes for an ideal holiday spot for your parents and grandparents. Blessed with fresh air and space unlimited, the affiliate property runs along acres and acres of lush-green turf. Perfectly trimmed bushes, landscaped gardens, and an eye-catching golf course comprising of a whopping 5,000 trees, contribute to the natural biosphere. Did you know, the resort uses sophisticated fertilisation, irrigation and waste-water management measures to ensure complete harmony between man and nature? An oasis through and through, Eagleton is an escape from all that is busy and bustling! Far from dull, however, it manages to pack in the fun with a sprawling swimming pool, impressive indoor and outdoor games area, sleek gymnasium and airy tennis court. Now, the spa treats your loved ones to a complete wellness makeover. And an array of multicuisine restaurants, including a lounge bar, terrace grill, and 24-hour coffee shop, satisfy every sweet and savoury craving. This is the kind of place that welcomes peaceful strolls, that savours sunrises and sunsets, that encourages ‘we time’…

Vijayshree Resort and Heritage Village, Hampi

Surprise your elders with a trip to ancient India, all thanks to our magnificent partner resort - Vijayshree Resort and Heritage Village. Set within a man-made forest that is home to 60,000 trees including Banyan, Peepal, Mango and Tamarind, this property in Hampi is simply enchanting. And it is deemed to be one of the eco-friendly and specially abled friendly resorts in the South! 43 woodland cottages make up the premise and sit alongside rolling lawns, a stunning swimming pool, a club house, a spa, a coffee shop, a helipad and entertainment area. Interesting fact – the design layout is based on the philosophy of Pancha Bhoota i.e., the five elements of earth, fire, wind, water and sky. In staying true to the Satvik Indian lifestyle, the historic hamlet serves pure vegetarian meals and non-alcoholic beverages. Which means, a complete and thorough cleanse for the system. Speaking of which, the Nirvana Spa is an abode for the mind, body and soul. Let’s not forget the charming multicuisine restaurant that offers a mix of North and South Indian fare, accompanied by beautiful folk music. And for those cuppa cravings, the coffee shop offers a one-of-kind experience with its blissful dawning mist, splendid hills, and chirping birds.

Eagleton Golf Resort, Bengaluru Vijayshree Resort and Heritage Village, Hampi

Vythiri Village, Wayanad

Get lost in the many mysteries of nature; Wayanad’s Emerald Palace looks forward to hosting senior travellers with a whole lot of warmth and care! Nestled within the wilderness of Kerala, the property appears right out of a rural fairy-tale. And one can explore its many delights – a waterfall, a boat restaurant, pretty pool villas - by crossing the hanging bridge! Isn’t that wonderful? ‘Comfortable luxury living’, your family is promised exceptional hospitality with every single offering. Be it a delicious meal comprising of dreamy chicken stew and fluffy appams. Or a spa treatment that ranges from a relaxing yoga session, to a soothing massage, to holistic nutritional advice. Or even, morning walks via bubbly streams, lovely hillocks, and deep-dark-green woods. Sitting by a bonfire and listening to sweet tunes is also an experience worth cherishing. Additionally, a wide range of Ayurveda therapies help older folk feel refreshed and energised. And there are more surprises in store for guests, should they travel to this hidden village.

Wayanad Resort

Lake Forest, Yercaud

Tucked away in the Shevaroy Hills of Tamil Nadu, is Yercaud - an accessible paradise. And home to Club Mahindra’s picturesque and tranquil, affiliate resort. Want to know why it’s one of the much-loved holiday destinations in India? Because at Yercaud resort, people get to embrace gorgeous landscapes, breath-taking flora, oodles of calm and tons of solitude. For your elders, what better place to rediscover their love for travel and adventure?! This British heritage structure has been restored to its original glory. The antique furniture and décor lend it an old-world charm. Plus, the slow pace makes it easier for travellers to soak in every moment and take in every experience. And experiences there are aplenty! Lake cruises. Botanical garden visits. Horticultural farm tours. Stargazing amidst a bonfire. The outdoors and indoors befriend one another.

Whether you gift your elderly family members a holiday or a Bliss Membership, know that they will get to experience wanderlust.

Vythiri Village, Wayanad Lake Forest, Yercaud

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