Walking barefoot on the beach with the dancing rays of the sun trailing your shadow. Soft wet sand tickling your toes with every rise and ebb of the waves. An occasional visit from dolphins as you stroll along the 10-kilometre stretch of Cherai Beach with your loved ones. And finally, ending your day with a delightful dinner overlooking the beach, or a romantic candlelight dinner on a houseboat. This is just a normal day at Club Mahindra Cherai Beach resort.

At 30 kms from Cochin, Cherai is a tranquil fishing village and Club Mahindra Cherai is scenically located between Cherai Beach and a lagoon. Think of the beach as your child’s own playground; its waters are safe and shallow enough to swim in, while the soft sand is strong enough to build towering sandcastles. But this is just one of the things to do in Cherai Beach to have a holiday to remember. Listed here are some more magical moments as mentioned by members in their Club Mahindra Reviews.

Things to do in Cherai Beach

1. Spend the day with the sun for company

With the backwaters being rather close to the ocean, you can witness the sunrise slowly unfolding itself, its rays slowly lighting up the many rivers, estuaries, lakes and ponds. The backwaters captivate the geographical and historical charm of the beachy paradise, which can be best experienced from a slowly sailing houseboat cruise organised by the resort or a meandering traditional canoe. In the evening, stroll along the sandy shores of Cherai beach to watch the sun before it calls it a day and your night begins. Be it the rhythmic sound of the gushing waves calling out to you or in the gentle ripple of the lazy backwaters, peace is constant in this tropical paradise.

2. Make friends with the fish

Learn fishing within the premises of Club Mahindra Cherai and teach your children too! Chinese fishnets are land installations fixed with weights to easily move them up and down into the water. These are usually operated by at least five to six fishermen. The fish that are caught are released back into their natural habitat! Club Mahindra resort reviews highlight another fantastic experience especially for children – fish jumping. Located a few kilometres away from Cherai beach, fish actually jump into your boat. This is one of the most unique things to do in Cherai Beach and popular places to visit near Cherai beach.

3. Explore the village and see their daily life

Walk or cycle around this lovely and bustling village of Cherai. Along your way, you will encounter diverse sights, from fishermen setting off to the sea to earn their livelihood to children filling the narrow streets with life. You will also notice that kite flying is a popular activity amongst the locals of Cherai. The Kite flying festival is celebrated with grandeur and a competitive spirit with people belonging to all age group.

4. Wander through the paddy fields of Cherai

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