Coorg, a land perched on the Western Ghats, invites tourists for a taste of its breath-taking scenery. This countryside offers just about everything any holidaymaker could think of. From rugged hills to tropical forests, wild animals to aromatic coffee plantations, cascading waterfalls and more, prepare to experience it all as you make a list of things to do in Coorg.

One of the most important things about Coorg is its culture and you cannot escape its beauty. Let’s talk about the folk dances this small district is famous for. We are talking dance forms like Bolak-aat, Ummatt-aat, and Komb-aat etc. Vacationers across the nation often visit Coorg to enjoy these folk dances that proudly present the local ethos and cultural richness.

Among the several things to do in Coorg, make sure you check out these popular folk-dance forms of Kodava and when with family, the experience is even more enjoyable.

let’s take a look at these dance forms one at a time.

• Bolak-aat: This dance form is performed by Kodava men dressed in all black with an oil lamp in the open field. The dancers hold yak fur (chavari) in one hand and the Kodava short sword (odi kathi) in the other.

The dance is performed on the rhythm provided by Dudi, an hourglass-shaped drum. These dances are performed to mark celebrations.

• Ummatt-aat: This dance is performed by the Kodava women wearing the traditional Kodava dress with jewellery and the conventional kumkuma on their foreheads.

The dance is performed in a circular motion with a swinging rhythm. The dancers hold brass cymbals in their hands. A woman holding a pot full of water is made to stand in the centre to represent the Mother of Kaveri. This dance is a devotion to the Kaveri river that the Kodavas worship.

• Komb-aat: This is a religious dance form performed in temples. It is performed by the men of Kodava. It is performed with deer horns that signify the horns of the krishna mruga (a spotted deer in Kodava legend) with rhythmic tunes played on wind instruments and percussion.

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