In India colour is synonymous with daily life. From intricate details on lehengas to assorted shades of bangles to the many hues of Indian festivals, colour is everywhere. In every nook and corner of the country you can see a riot of colour – think of the snow-capped peaks of the north, the verdant Western Ghats, the golden sands of the beaches, or the clear blue skies of the northeast.

From white to green to yellow to blue, the relationship our states have with various colours is intriguing. But how does one get to experience it all firsthand? Let’s go on a journey.

1. The great white north

If you’re looking for a holiday amidst shades of white – silver, ivory, pearl, or frosted, head north. Club Mahindra Resorts can be found in Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, and Jammu and Kashmir.

A favoured destination made up of mountains and myths, and also known as ‘Land of the Gods’, Uttarakhand’s claim to fame is its dramatic terrain: from silvery glistening lakes to snowy peaks to crystal-clear waters. Despite all the silver, the sheer natural beauty and range of activities the state offers is no less than pure gold to travellers.

Himachal Pradesh is no less white. Plunging river valleys and snowy crests make the perfect playground for adventure seekers. A range of activities can be done here – such as paragliding, rafting, and skiing. Apart from adventure, the landscape of intertwining mountains and valleys calls for exploration; even if it’s on foot. If you look closely you’ll see this state is multi-coloured. The scenery, the people, the culture, the architecture, the food, and even the deities transport you into a different world.

Often called the ‘Switzerland of India’, J&K attracts tourists with alpine scenery, quaint house boats, and an overall romantic air. An acme of breathtaking beauty, Kashmir has it all – ancient shrines, Buddhist monasteries, mountain trails, verdant valleys, breathtaking views, and serene lakes and rivers. This is a state that lacks nothing when it comes to natural beauty.

2. The beautiful green south

Southern India is a land replete with lush foliage. This greenish-jade hue covers the land from Karnataka to Kerala to Tamil Nadu. Abundant rainfall and a network of perennial rivers ensure that the green canopy remains all the year round.

The best introduction to the south is perhaps Karnataka. It is a state that comes with a medley of green. A visit to Coorg will take you through evergreen hills, thick forests, and coffee and spice plantations. This land has been graciously gifted by Nature with emerald landscapes and acres of plantations. Surrounded by this lushness, you can experience a cool climate throughout the year. It’s the perfect area to trek, watch birds, enjoy local sights, or just sit back and relax.

A slender strip of coastal land, Kerala is embodied by its layers of landscapes – golden beaches, a leisurely network of sparkling backwaters, and misty hills of the Western Ghats dotted with spice and tea plantations. This is a state famous for its coconut palms, Ayurvedic massages and treatments, delicately spiced cuisine, exotic wildlife, and vibrant traditions. Set foot into this land and it will quench your soul. No wonder it’s called ‘God’s Own Country’.

Tamil Nadu is a land steeped in age-old tradition; a living example of classical civilisation. Today this can be seen in the local dance, language, and poetry. When you’ve had your fill of the fascinating chaos of the temples, escape to the greener side of the state. Pleasant climate, natural beauty, and plenty of wildlife are what you’ll encounter here. Tamil Nadu is a perfect getaway for anyone who wants to relax and spend time in the midst of nature.

3. The bright yellow west

The western part of India, famous for both its expansive desert and bright yellow city lights, can be the perfect place for a sunny holiday. It’s time to head to the Club Mahindra resorts in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, or Goa.

While in the vibrant desert state of Rajasthan, you can experience architecture, culture, and heritage. There are majestic palaces, fortresses, temples, and havelis that will leave you in awe. Exquisite handicrafts and spectacular jewellery that originate from this state are another attraction.

When it comes to tiger parks, the best one is in Madhya Pradesh. Kanha has the most famous tiger park in India. While at Kanha, you can experience a safari, enjoy nature walks, camp under the stars, and (if you’re lucky) click pictures of the elusive tiger.

Goa’s appeal lies in its famous sun-kissed beaches. Stretching along the coast, the beaches here have their own unique charm. Every tropical whim of yours can be catered to here – from the boldness of Baga to the palm-fringed sereneness of Palolem to the hippie vibe of Arambol. This state also has some beautiful architecture in its baroque churches.

Venture into the often overlooked offbeat trails of Gujarat. The state is known for its architecture and appetising food. Some of its treasures lie in the hands of the local artisans – embroidery, weaving, printing, and dyeing are some techniques used to make fine textiles. Besides great craft work, Gujarat has plenty of wildlife, such as the wild ass and one of the last surviving prides of Asiatic lions. There are also pilgrimage sites for the spiritually inclined.

Maharashtra is a sprawling canvas that displays some iconic attractions. Bustling and brightly-lit cities, sunny beaches, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, impressive forts, historic temples, cool-green mountains, national parks – the state has it all. Escape from the chaos of daily life and head here to enjoy all this and more at a leisurely pace.

4. The blue skies of Sikkim

In the east, Sikkim holds its own distinctive personality. Majestic mountains, traditional monasteries and shrines, serene lakes… all nestle comfortably among each other, with the blue of the sky as a panoramic backdrop. Your holiday here will be filled with solitude, quietness, scenic views, and several places to explore. So why not consider packing your bags right away?

Assam, with its abundant natural beauty is situated at the extreme North-East of India. A narrow belt of the Himalayas’ mountainous region leads to Assam’s mainland. Lush valleys, tea gardens and open skies make it a must-visit place simple for the peace and tranquillity it offers.

So, what colour do you want your next holiday to be? No matter what colour you choose, one thing you can be certain of- India has something for every kind of traveller. From adrenaline packed activities to lazing on pristine beaches – pick a colour, pack a bag and head out with your loved ones.


India in all its Brilliant Colours

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