Travelling is one of the activities that we all, okay, most of us enjoy. But you would agree that not all aspects of travelling are exciting. For example, transportation is one of things that you must plan ahead of time. You have many options; you can take a bus, train or flight to reach your destination and each option has their own benefits and drawbacks.  

Some modes extend the travelling time and others are quite expensive to fit within your budget. And, there is an option to travel by car, i.e., taking a road trip, which gives you the flexibility to travel at your convenience and not deal with any hassles. There is something about going on a drive in your own car with the music playing; it is a liberating feel that is hard to express.  

If you have been holding yourself back for any reason, let us give you five reasons why travel by car is the best. 

Create new and strengthen existing bonds 

The success of a road trip, cannot and should not be measured by the miles travelled but by the beautiful moments you had – Unknown 

Perhaps the best part of going on a long trip in your personal car is the memorable moments you share with your friends and family. Unlike the plane or train journey, where you are constantly under the pressure of reaching on time for the flight, getting stuck at airports due to unwarranted delays, road trips give you the freedom to travel as per your convenience.  

There is no unnecessary pressure on you. This means you can always be in a cheerful mood and use your time to have fun with your loved ones; indulge in meaningful conversation, enjoy listening to your favourite music, hum together the favourite tunes, eat together, and more. It is a chance to create some new memories and strengthen relationships. 

Enjoy new experiences 

Whether you have taken many long road trips before or this is your first time, you would know that travelling by car is not just about reaching the destination, but about enjoying the journey. When you travel by car, you can create many awesome memories with your loved ones along the way.  

Road trips allow you to take the offbeat path, and explore many towns, villages, lesser-known places along the way, you never know, you may discover a hidden gem! Not to mention, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery as you drive through beautiful landscapes. 


If you have been apprehensive about planning a trip because of budget, you can perhaps go ahead and take that trip without splurging your entire savings. If you are wondering how? Think about it, the amount you spend on your flight ticket would probably be much more than what you may spend on the fuel for the same trip. If you are sharing in a group, each of you can share the fuel and food cost enroute. Also, you need not pay for any extra baggage.

Carry all the essentials and more 

While planning a trip, carrying the luggage can be a big hassle, especially if you are going on a long holiday. When you are travelling by air because of the airlines’ baggage policies, you may be restricted to carrying only the bare essentials. You can take everything you want, which means you have to sacrifice on carrying your favourite blanket, a jacket, etc.  

However, when you take a car trip, and travel in your personal vehicle, extra baggage wouldn’t be a problem. You can carry whatever fits in your car. All the luxuries and the sundries are at your disposal.

Relaxed way of travelling

When you travel by car for a holiday, you have the advantage of being spontaneous and whimsical. Typically, when you go on a planned holiday, you need a lot of planning. From fixing the travels to getting the booking done and chalking out an itinerary there is such more to do. Well, when you can go on a road trip in your car, you can start your trip whenever you want, you can go wherever you want. 

When you are on a long road trip, you may want to enjoy a relaxing stay at night. This is exactly what you get and more when you check-in at different resorts across India hosted by Club Mahindra. Whether you are travelling to Goa, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, you can enjoy the premium amenities, gorge on the delicious local food, and indulge in many unique and exquisite experiences that you get nowhere else.  

So, be it flexibility, safety, getting new experiences, and budget, travelling by car is much better than everything else. So, drive away to where the road leads you!

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