In India, the concept of ‘family time’ is one that has been passed on from generation to generation; whether it is having three meals a day together as a family or going on a trip to your hometown during summer vacation. A large part of parenting was to spend time with your children to ensure that you can support them through every step of the way. In the modern world where everything is a race to the top, this concept has somewhere failed to stand the test of time.

For a child, memories with his/her family stimulate important human values and lay a strong foundation for their creativity and imagination to run wild. An evening in the park is a bag full of experiences. When these brief outings play a substantial role in their upbringing, one can only imagine the impact of a family vacation.

Family holidays- The best time to bond with your children

A family getaway, far from the buzz of the city, is the best gift you can give your children and yourself. As parents, you can leave behind the stress and focus on making memories with your children. The bonding begins the minute you leave; the thrill of the anticipation to arrive at your destination, the little bursts of laughter at a joke that was made, the moment of relaxation when arriving at your resort, the delicious meals shared together, the sense of bonding that surfaces while indulging in outdoor activities – it’s the big moments and the small that come together to make your family vacation special for your kids.

How you can bring your family together

At Club Mahindra, you can tick all your boxes to make a memorable family vacation. From thrilling moments to tranquil ones, Club Mahindra offers all the right experiences for you to bond with your children and family. Here are some of the many activities offered by Club Mahindra which bring families closer.

Club Mahindra Kandaghat

Activities: Nature walks, village tours, arts and crafts, outdoor activities, indoor games.

Nestled between undulating peaks, fluffy clouds and endless green landscape, the Club Mahindra Kandaghat resort in Himachal Pradesh are one of the best resorts in India for a perfect family getaway. You can take your children to nearby villages to interact with the friendly locals, educational nature walks with resort naturalists, enjoy movie screenings and traditional Himachal dance performances, and venture out for thrilling outdoor activities such as zip lining, rock climbing and paintball.

Club Mahindra - White Meadows - Manali

Activities: Skiing lessons, apple picking, picnics in the snow, indoor games.

Pack your sweaters and shawls and plan a trip to this resort that cosily sits amidst apple orchards and snow-capped mountains. You can walk through the famous apple orchards and enjoy the crispy taste of freshly-picked apples, which is a different experience compared to shopping at a supermarket. Fun outdoor activities such as skiing lessons can be a great skill to learn for you and your kids. Something as simple as, playing in the snow together is a fun activity that brings the family together.

Club Mahindra - Pristine Peaks Naldehra - Shimla

Activities: Golf course, activity area – ‘Fun Zone', trekking and nature walks

Located 18 kms away from Shimla, this resort is perched on a mountain with stunning 360-degree views. It is most famous for its 18-hole golf course in the Naldehra Golf Club. Imagine playing a round of golf with scenic mountain views! Or indulging in Himachal delicacies and sharing stories with each other with the backdrop of the Himalayan mountains. The ‘Fun Zone’ in the resort is also a place where you can bring out the child in you for your children and watch them enjoy a perfect family holiday.

Club Mahindra Mussoorie

Activities: River rafting, short hikes, nature walk, indoor games, activity centre

Located 35 kms away from Dehradun, this resort rests on Himalayan peaks and on the banks of the Ganges River. You can go river rafting with your family, which is a thrilling experience that requires you to work as a team to row the raft while also having fun. Bird spotting can also be a fun and educational experience for your kids while you discover new scenic trails. After a tiring day outdoors, you can unwind in the luxurious ambience of the resort and indulge in delicious local cuisine at the restaurant.

Club Mahindra Binsar Valley

Activities: Horse riding, trekking, nature walks, wildlife sanctuary tour, activity centre

This Club Mahindra resort located in Kumaon Himalayas in Uttarakhand, provides breath-taking views that give you postcard-perfect photographs. You and your children can try new experiences such as horse riding through the valleys, and trekking and camping in the outdoors. You can arrange for a visit to a wildlife sanctuary nearby where you and your kids can spot wildlife of North India in their natural habitat.

As a parent, you can only lead by example. The memories you leave your children with will shape their whole life. Somewhere between the adventurous outdoor activities, the indulgence in local food and culture, and the cosy moments under starry nights – you become a closer-knit family.

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