In today’s world, it is heartwarming to recognise and celebrate our differences - race, heritage, cultures and traditions, rather than discriminate. Isn’t it amazing to hear someone speak another language? There are roughly about 6,500 different languages in the world today. Notably, 21st February 2022 is celebrated as International Mother Language Day, which is observed to promote cultural diversity and multilingualism all around the world. And, it is one of the best opportunities to learn about different languages and even know some basic greetings and phrases.

Awaken your inner linguist and get ready to show off your fancy language skills. You can impress your friends on the World Mother Tongue Day and even pick up some new words and phrases on the way, you never know when you might need them. While we are aware of how to greet people in languages like English and Hindi, it is interesting to learn about the lesser spoken languages. After all, it is words and words are all we have. Read on this blog to know how to greet verbally and some social cues in some of the major and widely spoken different languages of the world.


A mystical Oriental language, Mandarin is the world’s second most widely spoken language. While learning this language might seem daunting at first, pick up some key words and phrases and be prepared to surprise your friends and near ones. Over 1.117 million speakers consider Mandarin and similar dialects to be their mother tongue.

To greet someone in Mandarin, know the following phrases:

  • “Nihao” means how are you or hello in Mandarin. This word can be used to greet anyone and everyone - hotel receptionists, bus conductors, taxi drivers and friends.
  • “Zaoshang hao” is another greeting in Mandarin that beginners must learn and it simply means good morning.

 While it is known that speaking Mandarin isn’t easy, it is always good to know a few useful phrases and greetings.


Considered to be one of the more alluring and captivating languages, Spanish is mostly spoken in Spain, Portugal and Latin American and Caribbean countries. Learn a few phrases on International Mother Language Day and wow everyone!

Some phrases/words to know are:

  • “Hola” means hello in Spanish.
  • “Buenos dias” means good morning in Spanish.
  • “Como estas” translates to how are you in Spanish.
  • “Estoy muy bien” means I am very well in Spanish.

These are a few phrases that will help you communicate with a native speaker and help to foster an environment of cultural diversity and friendliness. Not only it will make the entire experience sweeter but earn you street credibility.


It is often considered to be the language of love. And, this beautiful and soothing language isn’t one of the easiest! Learn a few greetings and be amazed at the wonderful language and everything that it has to offer.

Some lovely French phrases to know are:

  • “Bonjour” translates to hello/good day and is one of the first and most basic French greetings.
  • “Enchante” means good to meet you in French and is a great word to use to charm native speakers.
  • “Ca va?” translates to how are you in French
  • “Tu vas bien?” translates to how are you doing in French.

These simple greetings in French are just the beginning of a beautiful conversation in one of the most beautiful world languages.


A beautiful sounding language, Arabic is a unique one and there are many ways to greet someone. There are greetings that are time bound and different phrases are used for different times of the day. Additionally, the greeting that you choose also depends on the relationship you have with the other person. Interesting, right? Learn a few Arabic phrases on this International Mother Language Day.

Pick up the following keywords and phrases:

  • “Sabaho” is used in the morning and simply means good morning or good day in Arabic. A reply to this would be “sabaho” or “sabah el kheir.”
  • “Salam alaikum” translates to ``May the peace be with you'' in Arabic and is used very widely in all parts of the world. This greeting can be used on all occasions.
  • “Naharak saeed” is a blessing, wishing a happy or a good day to someone in Arabic. This Arabic greeting can be used on any occasion and the reply to this would be “wa naharak” which means to you as well.


A truly baffling language, there is a different dialect and pronunciation to most Russian words. It is really the hardest and different language in the world. Spoken by many native speakers, this language is literally like the verbal version of military training, only the hardest will endure.

Learn a few words and be prepared to amaze everyone… After all, this language is not easy!

  • “Privyet” is the easiest way to say hi in Russian. While this is considered to be informal, you can get away with it!
  • “Dobroye utro” translates to good morning in Russian. While meeting someone in Russia, please be cautious to not shake hands over the doorway. It is considered to be a bad omen.

Spend a few minutes on this International Mother Language Day reading and researching about different languages… You really will be amazed at all the different languages of the world. This world is a beautiful place and there is so much to see and learn! While we are separated by languages, we can be united by them too!

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