Why is nature important for our health? What role does it play when it comes to shaping family dynamics? Here is all you wanted to know.

Family meals, taking vacations with children, exploring new adventures and places are things that really cement the bond a family has together.

Club Mahindra was created to offer families new and exciting ways to spend the holidays together. Club Mahindra resorts go beyond your regular hotel and offer a complete experience to explore nature while enjoying luxury accommodation. From nature walks, village tours to jungle safaris, the wide variety of offerings make Club Mahindra resorts as one of the best family vacation destinations in India.

Another reason the resort chain is so popular is that many of Club Mahindra’s properties are based around outdoor activities and research has shown that families who regularly spend time together in nature, tend to function better.

Nature is the perfect partner for family bonding and rejuvenation. Here are four key ways on how being outdoors can help your family bond and connect:

Stay focused - Improve and restore your attention to connect

Spending time in nature has an extremely powerful effect on family dynamics. Doing something as simple as taking a 20-minute walk together can help restore your attention and focus- something that is extremely important when it comes to raising children.

We often see instances of parents working long hours only to come home to be thrown into even more chaos like housework, homework and other family obligations. The stress that comes with being spread out too thin can lead to disagreements, irritability, fatigue and even anger. This becomes a huge problem when experienced in a family setting.

By spending time outdoors, you are able to forget the rest of the world and all the problems that normally keep you awake at night. Taking your children on a short hike is all you need to restore your focus and attention, thereby allowing you to be more present for your family.

Club Mahindra offers guided nature walks in scenic trails, jungle safaris and other outdoor activities that nurture family bonding by experiencing the best in nature and wildlife.

Stay positive - Create positive associations with nature to bond

When you introduce your child to the outdoors and complement that with positive experiences like fun activities, family holidays, birthdays and other family celebrations; you are ensuring that they will always connect nature and the outdoors with other positive experiences making them more likely to include spending time outdoors in their lives as adults.

Doing something together as a family such as taking a walk in the woods, playing in the park or going swimming also gives your children a sense of belonging and this strengthens your bond as a family.

The outdoor activities arranged by Club Mahindra provide families with a great way to connect with each other and create long-lasting memories.

Stay active – Take care of your body to stay fit

With obesity becoming one of the biggest health risks across the world, instilling a positive attitude toward fitness and encouraging outdoor activities from a young age is a very important thing to do.

Spending time outdoors goes hand in hand with physical fitness. It is one of the most important things when it comes to adult health and even 20 minutes of cardiovascular activity a day can help reduce your risk for heart disease and many other serious ailments.

Moreover, outdoor activities provide respite from the mundane routine of everyday life and help to rejuvenate your family’s connection. The activities organized by Club Mahindra are customized for everyone in the family, ensuring everyone gets to unwind and connect while on a family holiday.

Stay sharp - Improve your cognitive skills to broaden your perspective.

Outdoors activities help to increase cognitive ability and social skills. When being active outdoors, you get to expand your learning abilities and creativity as you are exposed to new textures, environments and wildlife.

Activities like walking in nature, safaris and visiting new environments like villages are some examples of a way in which you and your children can broaden your perspective. Instead of seeing the same place and faces, a new surrounding helps to look at things differently.

Taking family vacations is a great way to experience a new environment, explore new perspectives and try new things. Club Mahindra offers wildlife family holiday destinations which combine the powerful positivity of nature and wildlife while providing luxurious accommodation to enjoy a perfect family holiday. What better way to connect and strengthen your family bond!

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