Located in close proximity to wildlife, Club Mahindra resorts are the perfect family holiday destinations for those who want to escape the buzz of city life and get a taste of something extraordinary in nature.

Enjoy languid luxury at the Club Mahindra Kanha resort

The resort is located in the small town of Mocha in Madhya Pradesh and sits on the outskirts of the Kanha Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh’s largest tiger reserve. The family resort looks out over the jungle and offers you the experience of being in the wild while still retaining all the amenities of a Club Mahindra resort. You can choose from a variety of room options, each one of them designed to reflect the local culture tasteful and with elegance.

The dense forests that make up the Kanha National Park serve as the backdrop for this stunning resort and make it the ideal spot for bird watching, trekking, nature walks and lazing outdoors. Easily accessible from Jabalpur which is only 165km away, or Nagpur which is 265km away; the Club Mahindra Kanha resort is a perfect blend of luxury, modernity, nature and wilderness.

Discover wilderness in the Kanha Tiger Reserve

Find the flamboyance of diverse flora - The Kanha Tiger Reserve is home to over 1,000 species of flowering plants which makes this one of the most beautiful national parks in India. The blooming of these flowers happens at different times through the year so you are sure to see bursts of colour no matter when you go. Kanha showcases a variety of landscapes from vast, open meadows; lowland forests made up of sal and other forest trees; a highland forest that is tropical with dry deciduous trees and many lakes.

Explore the untamed nature of the wild - Here you can find an exciting range of wildlife such as tigers, leopards, foxes, jackals, swamp deer and Indian gaur. Home to the Bengal Tiger, Kanha is known for lots of tiger sightings due to this amalgam of flora and fauna making it a great experience to have with the whole family. Although these animals may capture most travellers’ attention, it is the 300 species of birds that make Kanha so unique. Be amazed as you watch grey hornbills, bee-eaters, pond herons, white-breasted kingfishers, minivets and more dance sequences across the open sky.

Realise the simple quaintness of Mocha village

Mocha is a rustic, traditional Indian village which is an eye-opening experience for most city dwellers. Here, people live a simple life and follow the same paths that their ancestors chose before them. Through village tours arranged by the Club Mahindra Kanha resort, you can explore Mocha and other neighbouring villages and immerse yourself into a simpler life where technology is less important than the blue sky and sound of the crickets.

Make a memorable family holiday, the Club Mahindra way!

Organised by the Club Mahindra Kanha resort, a visit to the Kanha Museum is an amazing experience where you can see skeletons of century-old animals.

For those who have a green thumb, the Medicinal Plantation Conservation Area in the Boda Chhapri village is extremely interesting. Amidst a dense forest, this area is home to hundreds of medicinally important herbs and plants while also featuring a beautiful park for you to enjoy.

For something more invigorating, you can visit the Phen Wildlife Sanctuary, in the buffer zone of the Kanha Tiger Reserve. This sanctuary is less frequented by tourists and more unspoiled than Kanha. Here, you will get the luxury of observing wildlife in their true habitat. You can take a day trip here from the Club Mahindra Kanha resort to get a new perspective on wildlife and nature.

The Club Mahindra Kanha resort offers a plethora of activities that will keep you and your family busy and entertained. After a hearty breakfast, a massage or swim in the azure pool is recommended. After this, you can join the resort naturalist for a nature walk through the surrounding forests. This is a great experience for bird-watchers, nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. You can follow that up with a village walk which will offer a lesson in village life and on all the ways the local people have adapted to modern life. Back at the resort, you can try your hand in an arts and crafts workshop with your children, where they can learn to make pottery and ceramics.

Immerse and unwind in luxurious nature at the family resort

After spending a day out on safaris, coming back to the resort is a welcome luxury. You can relax by the pool enjoy some bird-watching; one of the popular activities at the resort.

The well-appointed rooms offer much-needed relief after a day spent under the sun where you can enjoy the modern amenities and little luxuries provided by Club Mahindra. You can immerse yourself in nature in the safety and comfort of your jungle facing rooms. If you are keen to spend a night outdoors though, the resort offers 12 tents that allow you to camp in the great outdoors.

You can top off your day with an indulgent dinner prepared by expert chefs at the in-house multi-cuisine restaurant. Spend the evening with your family, star-gazing under a blanket of the night sky and allowing the warmth of the bonfire to cherish the memorable moments of a perfect family holiday in the wild.

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