Going on a family holiday with kids can be fun and challenging at the same time. While your kids may be super excited to travel, and see a new place, it may be difficult for you to keep them calm. You must always be alert and watchful. Kids, by nature, are curious and inquisitive and they like to explore everything around them.  

During a vacation, just as you crave your space, kids need their space too. They need the freedom to be able to move around freely, and engage in activities that interest their minds. You can enjoy a wonderful vacation with your little ones at Club Mahindra Resorts. There are about 80+ resorts in India and overseas hosted by Club Mahindra, and all of them have the best facilities and activities for kids. 

While you and your spouse have a good time, you can let your kids participate in various indoor and outdoor activities that allow them to learn new skills, explore their creative side, and also have fun at the same time.  

Depending on where you are staying, there are a plethora of children activities in resorts for your little one to participate in. From cooking with the chef to magic shows, your kids will never be bored during their time at the resort. 

Indoor activities in resorts for kids 

  •     Puppet Show 

Puppetry is a wonderful ancient Indian art that is mostly popular in Rajasthan. So, if you are visiting Udaipur, Jaisalmer or Jaipur, you can stay at one of the resorts in Rajasthan hosted by Club Mahindra and watch a puppet show with your kids.  

The show tells many fascinating stores through the puppet movements that are both fun and informational. Also, the experts teach the kids how to control these puppets. As parents, it can be great fun watching your loved one learning a new skill.  

  •     Magic show 

Children love magic. If you are travelling to explore the north East, and staying at the Gangtok Resort by Club Mahindra, magic shows are held regularly here. So, after an eventful day exploring the pristine natural beauty of Gangtok and the nearby places, you can let your kids continue to have fun as you relax by the pool or go for a massage.  

During the magic show, the magician keeps the kids entertained with their tricks and interaction. What’s more, they even teach the kids how to perform a few magic tricks. It is one of the most fun activities for kids

  •    Cooking with the chef

Sometimes, when you want your kids to learn something, the best way to get them interested is to make an activity of it. While holidaying at Club Mahindra resort, you can help your kids learn the important life skill of cooking in an interesting way as they conduct junior chef or cooking with the chef activity.  

It is one of the best activities in resorts for kids that is fun for the kids. The expert chefs allow the kids to explore their creative side by helping make their own favourite foods like pizza or omelette. They give them the necessary ingredients, and guide them on the techniques to make their favourite dish.  

To make things more interesting for the kids, they even provide a certificate of appreciation for their participation and efforts.  

Outdoor Activities 

  •     Tea plantation tours 

Children love outdoor activities. They get excited to go out, explore new things, and have fun at the same time. Keeping the holidaying spirits in mind, the Club Mahindra resorts located in the hills down south like the resorts in Munnar by Club Mahindra in Kerala organise tea and coffee plantation tours for the kids.  

During the tour, the experts let the kids see and explain how the tea/coffee leaves are cultivated, how they are processed and what goes into making the world’s most popular beverages.

  •     Jungle Safari

If you are looking for some kids’ activities that are fun and educational, you would sure love the Jungle Safari organised at the resorts in Gir, Thekkady and Corbett hosted by Club Mahindra. They take you and your kids on a guided tour into the wildlife and help them learn about the variety of plants and animals found in these jungles. 

So, don’t wait anymore, plan a holiday with your kids to any destination of your choice, and enjoy a fun vacation by booking your stay at the Club Mahindra Resort.  

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