Vacationing can be fun or stressful depending on how well it's planned. If you travel solo, you’re pretty sorted. Add another person or a family to travel with, and things begin to get a little complicated. So, how is planning a holiday different for couples as against families? Here are some points to go over.

1. Destination Planning

The most important decision is to choose the destination. 

Couples – This is easier for couples. They could discuss their favourite destinations, define parameters like budget, weather, location, to narrow down on a choice. The idea of a holiday could even be a spontaneous one. 

Family – When travelling with family though, you have to be more considerate. The destination must interest people of all ages in the family. If there are children travelling, you will have to make sure the holiday spot you choose is kid-friendly. For the budget conscious, planning in advance could mean availing early-bird discounts on airfare and hotel bookings.

2. Packing to Perfection

How you pack and manage your luggage can make a big difference to the quality of your holiday.

Couples – The choice is yours! If it makes sense to pack together and travel light, go for it. You could also choose to pack separately and avoid the clutter.

Families - Things barely remain separate, however much you try. Suitcases could be numbered. Lists of contents in bags help to keep things organised. A leader in the group may be needed to count bags or check for belongings that might be accidentally left behind.

A tip for both families and couples - travel light!

3. Mode of Travel 

Once in a new city or town or even a non-descript holiday destination that is away from urban facilities, you have to be careful how you move around, especially when you are sightseeing.

Couples - Being adventurous is no problem here. You may choose to use the local commute system. You can opt for a local rickshaw ride or an auto enjoying the weather.

Families - Arrangements here have to be more elaborate. Since hopping on and off transport services is not an option, hiring a 7-seater vehicle or large cabs for the entire day of sightseeing is a more sensible approach to solve commute confusions. A discussion with the hotel concierge to find out local distances, weather, routes, transport options would help arrive at well-informed decisions. 

4. Handling Decisions

Unfamiliar places involve taking a lot of decisions, and doing it more often than you can imagine.

Couples – If you are driving around, one can drive play while the other can be the navigator. Feel free to switch roles at will. A few basic rules can be laid down in advance and must be followed for things to run smoothly during the trip.

Family - There is a lot more to deal with here. Groups may pick sides. Kids could get difficult. Everybody’s preferences will have to be considered. Decisions could be as simple as who takes the seat by the window or something like deciding the itinerary for the vacation. Have a leader to manage it all. To make it fun and interesting, you could take turns within the family to be the leader. It's a fun way to avoid some members being disappointed.

5. Activities 

Unless you are looking at a holiday to just be by yourself and are yearning for some calm and peace, you will be doing a lot of activities during a trip. Whether you are the adventurous-kind who enjoys activities like hiking, mountaineering, water sports etc. or simply enjoying some board games in the resort, it is always a great idea to bond with your partner or the rest of the family during a vacation.

Couples - What activities do you both prefer? Is it sightseeing, a romantic evening swim, a candlelight dinner, safari, a hot air balloon ride, scuba diving? You could plan or decide on the go; redefine freedom!

Families – Plan in advance. Period. If it’s a trek or a day at the beach, the leader will have to plan it all out for the rest. A fun way to keep everybody together is to hand the leader a boombox with some music playing. This way, everyone knows where the leader is heading. Another member of the family should be at the tail end of the group. Keep your mobile phones fully charged. 

6. Go Over Details

You can never be too careful when travelling together. Always keep a strict check over your belongings, budget, accommodation etc.

Couples – This is quite simple. It's you, your belongings - gadgets, wallets, ID proofs, tickets, cash etc. You are a responsible adult. Take care of them.

Families – This involves taking care of your convenience as well as watching out for the rest of the family. If you have kids and senior citizens, you may need to ensure they have their belongings with them. If any member has medicines to take regularly, you will have to check they are being done.

7. Make Safe Choices

You are in an alien city after all. You will have to be responsible for your partner or family.

Couples – Many prefer being adventurous on a holiday. It’s ok. Risking it out sometimes is thrilling and a way to understand each other better. Be enthusiastic about it.

Families – You cannot afford to take risks. For example, the street food that looks exciting might cause an upset stomach; avoid if you are not sure. Plan to visit a decent restaurant or carry snacks like sandwiches, fruit, and nuts for random nibbles to satiate sudden pangs of hunger. Always make sure every member of the family can handle the strain of a particular activity before you sign up for it.

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