1. How often do you go for a walk?

a. Everyday

b. Maybe every alternate day

c. Twice a week

d. Once a month, maybe?

2. What is your idea of a vacation?

a. Anything that involves trekking or the outdoors

b. An adventurous vacation is better than leisure

c. Something relatively peaceful and relaxed

d. A holiday that is completely focussed on rejuvenation and relaxing

3. Would you rather?

a. Go boating

b. Go river rafting

c. Go for a spa

d. Laze around

4. Which is your favourite infotainment Tv Channel?

a. Anything with wild life and animals

b. Travel and living or something in the travel and adventure space

c. Any food channel or just a lifestyle one

d. Nothing specific, I can watch anything

5. How many times do you holiday in the year?

a. Twice or thrice

b. Just once, I like to make it worth my time

c. Maybe once

d. Not fixed, only if I get the time

6. Which is your go-to destination?

a. Himachal Pradesh

b. Leh

c. South India

d. Preferably outside India

7. How often do you drink coffee?

a. 3-4 times a day

b. Once a day

c. Depends on my mood

d. Almost never


Check the number of times you answered with a particular alphabet and the maximum number of As’ will pick Kumarakom. And so on and so forth…

A. Kayaking at Club Mahindra Kumarakom

You are someone who truly loves nature and getting out and about is something you have enjoyed all your life. You hate sitting indoors and being cooped up and love living the fast life. Your movements are fast, swift and you think ahead of the present time. Something exhilarating and energetic is the perfect way to vacation for you. Get an energetic workout as you go kayaking on the calm waters and get a different perspective of the lake. Rowing or drifting amidst the silence of the gently flowing water is a beautiful experience. Here is a list of other things to do in Kumarakom during family vacation.

B. Zip Lining in Club Mahindra Ooty

You are someone who would rather take up something more rigorous once in a while than indulge in a relatively less adventurous task every day of the vacation. Trekking, walking and climbing comes naturally to you and something like zip lining is nothing short of an adrenaline rush. Unleash the adventurer in you and participate in some soft rope adventures that involve walking across and crossing rope structures. The activities are located within the premises.

C. Morning Yoga at Club Mahindra Munnar

A peaceful, calm vacation is what you have always had on your mind. You would rather head to a spa than be surrounded by water, mountains or the sea. Relaxing at the resort itself is what you always have in mind when you book a room at Club Mahindra and the numerous facilities keep you satisfied through out the stay. Taking a dip in the pool, heading for a delicious lunch post a spa and sipping on hot coffee as you overlook the mountain ranges is what keeps you happy and thriving when on a holiday. The morning Yoga at Munnar resort is a rejuvenating and soulful activity, best for such moods. Have a look at other things to do in & around Munnar resort to make the most of your family vacation!

D. Walk by the Beach in Club Mahindra Puducherry

You would rather stroll along the beach or simply lie on the grass than indulge in river rafting or activities like yoga. The whole point of visiting a place like Puducherry is to take in the beach and walk along the famous promenade. You are someone who loves the outdoors but a peaceful walk by the beach or just watching the ocean from a distance is your idea of a good time! Before planning your vacation with Club Mahindra, read through these Club Mahindra reviews to get a sneak peek of what members have to say about their holiday with us!

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