Have you ever reminisced a family holiday and nostalgically remembered the things you did or saw there? Experience the Rajasthani culture and cuisine with Club Mahindra.

Rajasthan – the word literally means land of kings (Raja means king and Asthan means place) the place of kings – is the largest Indian state, not just in terms of area but also in terms of heritage. To soak in the rich culture, indulge in delicious local cuisine and enjoy the hospitality in Rajasthan, here is what you can take back with you from Club Mahindra Kumbhalgarh.

Take home the colourful culture

Carry a bit of the Rajasthan culture with you in the form of a photograph in a traditional costume. Bhil, Rathod, Mina, Kachawaha, Lohar, Chauhan, Bhatti, take your pick from a long list of tribes and clans.

Wear the traditional colourful ghaghara choli, a short blouse with a long skirt and odhni – a scarf made from cotton fabric and decorated with colourful bands and motifs. Clad in the traditional dress you are then bedecked with precious stones, diamonds, pearls and other accessories that used by the traditional women of this place. To perfect the native Rajasthani look, you are adorned with anklets, thick bracelets with Meenakari work, a nath or nose-ring and a mang-tika – a three-stringed coronation that is worn in the part of the hair. And don’t forget the colourful bangles that cover your arm right up to your elbow. 

For men, it is the dhoti, angarkha – a protective top made from cotton that covers the top half of the body along with a colourful pagri or turban and an equally vibrant patka, a sort of scarf worn over the shoulder. The men’s’ costumes too come in vivid colours from yellow, to green, to red with contrasting colours for the pagri and patka.

The footwear – mojri – is just as colourful as the rest of the costume.

The boutique at the Club Mahindra Kumbhalgarh resort has a varied local collection for you to choose from.  A photograph in traditional attire is something you can take home to reminisce the moments of your family holidays.

Take home the aromas of local cuisine

The dry climate of the desert, the paucity of fresh fruit, vegetables, and water, have shaped the cuisine of this vast state. Traditionally the people of the state prepared items that could be preserved and eaten without re-heating. 

Lentils such as beans and gram and cereals like jowar and bajra comprise the mainstay of Rajasthan cuisine. The food is prepared in ghee – clarified butter –, which is a by-product of milk. The community is predominantly vegan although the royal families consumed meat in the form of khad khargosh (rabbit meat), lal mass (lamb) and safed mass (chicken). A variety of bread and pancakes made from the likes of millet, corn, and barley flour serve as an accompaniment to the stew. Contemporary cuisine includes wheat flour and multigrain flour to a great extent.

Some of the more popular dishes are dal-bati churma, gatte ka saag, and kadhi without which a Rajasthan meal is considered incomplete.

At the Club Mahindra Kumbhalgarh resort, you can treat yourself and your family to a variety of traditional food. Make sure you meet the chef at the resort to get tantalizing facts about pure Rajasthan food. To let the taste of the feast linger even after you go home, you can get the special spices and recipes to recreate the delicacies. 

Take home your masterpiece of local art

At the Club Mahindra Kumbhalgarh resort, there is something here for every member of the family, making it a best family vacation destination in India.

You can experience something new every day of your stay with a variety of activities such as pottery, archery, magic shows, and puppet shows – and you won’t simply watch! You can learn a few things and take them back as a memoir of your stay.

Apart from the antique shop, you can make your own pot, paint it, and take it back with you to keep in your living room as proof of your skill. What’s more, it is a skill you will never forget – so you can always recreate the experience wherever you may be. The resort also has hobby kits for you that you can carry back home. 

Archery is another skill you can learn and take back with you and our magicians are always willing to share a few trade secrets. Then there is the puppet show to watch – puppets are not hard to make – and you can even try creating your own show and taking it back with you to show your friends. The resort also arranges other handicraft workshops for you, like the traditional Rajasthan nail art, or Mehendi or henna workshops, to learn the local craft. 

Take home some love and lore

The people from Rajasthan have a traditional and tribal history. They have travelled the desert on camels, in search of food and water. Most of the tribes come from the hills of the Aravalli range, where took shelter when the place was invaded by Aryans and other rulers. It earned the blanket name of Rajput, which later emerged as the royalty of Rajasthan. The place brims with ancient palaces, large lakes and folklore that showcase the rich heritage of the state.

A conversation with the guide or the staff at the Club Mahindra Kumbhalgarh resort will get you entranced in local folklore. An experience that is memorable, given the royal ambience the resort provides. Storytelling is the best way to share culture and heritage, and folklores are something you can intangibly cherish and take home.

At the Club Mahindra Kumbhalgarh resort, you not only get to stay like royalty you get to take home a part of their regal tradition and rich culture.


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