This beautiful town is extremely popular around the world for its dense teakwood forests, exquisite locales and wide expanses coffee plantations. As such, Coorg is often referred to as the “Coffee Capital of India.”

Coorg houses some of the world’s best coffee beans as it is grown in the shades of huge Rose Wood, Wild Fig and Jack Fruit trees, which makes it less acidic and excellent in taste and aroma. When the coffee plant blossoms, and the fruits ripen, it fills the environment with a pleasant fragrance and glorious shade of colour. To reap the finest coffee in Coorg, coffee pickers put in all their time and effort into growing the crops and taking care of it, which results in production of about 140,000 tons of coffee every year.

Amongst various other things to do in Coorg, you should definitely spend a day to scout and taste the various types of coffee available here. Some of the most famous magic beans produced here are:

1. Arabica 

This is an extensively cultivated variety of coffee grown under the shade of large trees. The shade protects the crop from excessive exposure to direct sunlight and various diseases, common to this variety. Arabica coffee holds a milder taste due to lower caffeine content. A bit on the expensive side, this variety is typically exported to commercial markets.

2. Robusta

This type of coffee is grown in the southern region of Coorg. With higher caffeine content, it is relatively cheaper than Arabica. Robusta plants essentially need adequate sunshine and nutrition, coupled with proper pruning. It is easy to care for, has higher yield and is less susceptible to disease. Bearing an acquired flavour, this variety is extremely popular and bound to tingle your taste-buds.

Arabica coffee

3. Monsooned Malabar – With the onset of the monsoons, it’s time to process the most sought-after coffee known as ‘Monsooned Malabar’. This coffee is famous all over the world for its chocolatey and musty taste. Its special flavour is procured from an indigenous growth process called “Monsooning”, where the beans are exposed to the moisture-laden monsoon winds blowing from the Arabian Sea.

4. Civet – Made from the excreta of the civet cat, the coffee beans are first ingested by the cat, then later collected and processed. After it is cleaned, dried, hulled and roasted, it is ready to be sold in the market. A rare yet popular commodity, Coorg’s civet coffee has become famous worldwide.

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