A glorious spring-summery day is the ideal time to pull out those picnic baskets and head for the beach. Just picture a happy crowd of friends noisily making their way down to the sands.

Sunscreen for body

A glorious spring-summery day is the ideal time to pull out those picnic baskets and head for the beach. Just picture a happy crowd of friends noisily making their way down to the sands. Don’t you just feel like joining in? But let’s get you beach-ready first. Here’s a handy checklist.

1. Sunscreen and sunglasses

Is that strong salty whiff of the sea beckoning you? Lovely! Just dab ample sunscreen on your body before venturing out. Reapply every four hours. Stay safe and enjoy to the max! Nothing feels better than the warmth of the sun on your face. But remember to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Carry sunglasses with authentic UV protection.2. Makeup – yes or no?

sunglasses for beach

2. Makeup – yes or no?

Cameras will soon get clicking at picnics. A neat and casual look is more appealing than an evening party look. Avoid heavy makeup; keep it simple. Carry a lip balm, a light face wash, wet wipes, and some talcum powder in your bag.

Footwear for beaches

3. Clothes and towels

The sea can be very tempting. Keep a set of clothes to change into. Opt for fabric that dries easily. Carry a swimsuit and a towel that can be rolled up like a pillow, or wrap it around for a cosy feel.

Enjoy the watersport

4. Comfy footwear

Doesn’t a long walk along the beach sound divine? For a great experience, you will want your feet to feel super comfortable. Flip-flops or Crocs are ideal footwear for the beach. They’re light, not at all smelly, and dry easily. Sneakers can get soggy, sorry!

5. Picnic hamper

Take some yummy sandwiches to snack on. Hardboiled egg slices are another option. Crackers or chips are good too, especially with a dip. But avoid cream-based dips as they tend to spoil easily in the heat. One can’t go wrong with fresh fruit. Don’t forget dessert – maybe a slice of fruit cake, or brownies.

6. Binge on seafood!

Speaking of gastronomic delights, how about some exotic seafood cooked in authentic spices served by the beach? Head to the golden sands of Club Mahindra Cherai in Kerala and get ready to feast on some finger-licking delicious seafood. There’s plenty to do at this beautiful beach resort. Or relax in your spacious room and check out the numerous spa services on offer.

7. Water sports

(GOA Varca Beac Image can behere if provided) There are many happening beaches such as Varca in Goa that offer water sports such as boat cruises, banana boat rides, jet-skiing etc. Club Mahindra has its own resort there, alongside the beach. A picnic here is safe and all amenities are within your reach, making your outing so much more pleasurable!

8. Games and music

Jazz up your picnic with some foot-tapping numbers on your boom box. Get people to groove with you. Plan a flash dance; maybe surprise someone in the group. Indulge in a game of 20 questions, Pictionary, or dumb charades. Get a frisbee or volleyball to engage the younger lot.

Checklist for your beach trip

• Charge all your devices –

• phones, iPods, rechargeable batteries etc. Carry a couple of fully charged power banks just in case.

• These days phones come with sophisticated cameras; use them as much as possible. Avoid expensive cameras if the idea is to have fun.

• Pack cutlery, plates and bowls made of biodegradable material. Forks, spoons, knives – carry only as much as is needed. Avoid plastic.

• For comfort, carry along a picnic blanket with a lining of waterproof material. Try two for more cushioning. If there are elders in the group, consider carrying folding beach chairs for them to lounge on.

• A basic first-aid box is most essential.

Now you’re all set to enjoy that perfect picnic. Go on, kick off your shoes and enjoy!

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