Travelling with a group of friends can be rewarding. Solo travel is great too. But what’s truly phenomenal is travelling with that one person you can freely communicate with, who shares your interests, and who laughs with you over the same things. Think about it – you could be headed for your dream destination, but without the right companion, it’s only half as much fun.

You might be surrounded by nice people to travel with – your best friend, your boyfriend or girlfriend, or your sibling. But have you considered going on a trip with someone really close to you? Yes, we mean your mother.What you are today is largely because of her. Even if you haven’t travelled together in a long time, all it takes to reignite the spark is a little vacation with her. Here's why moms not only make the best travel companions, but are also ideal holiday planners:

1. Trust her to choose a place that’s special –

Whether it’s a place you have visited several times or one you’ve never visited, embarking on a trip that appeals to both of you will be a marvellous experience. Ultimately, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and you are both bound to agree on an awe-inspiring place. So if you want to go on an adventurous trip, there’s no reason for your mother to say no. New experiences will enable her to let loose and bring out her inner child. Listen to Susmita Barman:“My mother and I visited Goa in 2016. Amidst the sand, sun, and sea, we shared an exciting childlike moment. We were wading knee-deep in the ocean at Benaulim beach. When the waves hit us, we both yelped and screamed ‘yahoo!’ with tremendous joy. It was an incomparable moment and one that will be embedded in my mind forever. The best part was when I asked my mom where she wants to go next; she said she’s willing to go anywhere I take her. This melted my heart.”

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2. She will tolerate all your tantrums –

Unlike when you travel with friends or better halves; you don’t have to hesitate about throwing a tantrum. Big or small, loud or soft, your mother will always listen to you patiently. In fact, she’s likely to be well-prepared. Since she knows you so well, she will detect the warning signs and defuse things before they can explode. She will let you stop for a snack or two and even carry some in her purse, just in case. She is an ideal holiday planner as she will pick the right place, the right activities, and the right time for your journey. 

Says Shreya Horo:“Some months ago my mom travelled to Haridwar. As I was suffering from anxiety, her absence haunted me all the more. There were days when I called her and howled to her over the phone. Her caring words gave me the strength to hang in there and wait for her return. The day she came back, it was like I was a new person. A few weeks later when my mother was to visit Vellore, I instantly asked to join in as I knew I couldn’t last a day without her physically by my side. To make our trip more special, my mother booked flight tickets. It was my first journey by air. After our sojourn at Vellore, we went on to visit Kodaikanal, Munnar, and Velankanni. All this was only possible because of mom and I thank her wholeheartedly. My mother has given me so many memories that I can cherish in the days to come.”

3. She will always be prepared –

Of the 3 P’s of a trip (planning, preparing, and packing), the first two are fun but the third can be a dreadful chore! However, when you have your mom by your side, you have nothing to fear. When she accompanies you on a trip, rest assured you won’t have to ponder if you remembered to pack your favourite pair of socks. If you didn’t, she would! In case of an emergency, she will have everything from band-aids to toilet paper to nutrition bars handy. During your entire trip, you will be safe under her wing. Don’t shy away; we know you love the attention! 

Preeti Sharma says:“The best moment of my recent trip to Bala Quila fort in Alwar was spending the whole day with my mother. She’s my best friend and I love her.”

Heli Upadhyay says:“I have nothing to say about my mumma because words cannot describe the sacrifices she’s made for me. Instead, I dedicate this Gujarati quote to her – gol vina suno kansaar, maa vina suno sansaar.”

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4. She will offer a shoulder to cry on – 

Glitches are inevitable while you’re travelling. Your flight can get delayed, the bathroom may run out of water, or the weather could be too cold. During such times, all you’d want to do is sit in a corner and sulk. With a travel buddy such as your mom, she’ll be right there for you. She will catch you every time you fall and lift your spirits. But most of all, she will plan a trip in such a manner that you do not face any such difficulties. She will always put your needs first. 

Says Damini Sharma: “In February 2013 I resigned from my job. Before beginning the search for a new job, I decided to visit my parents in Joshimath, where my dad was posted at the time. My mom took things into her hands and made it the best vacation ever! We went on hikes, long walks, and played in the snow. We did all this while she knew I was out of a job, but that didn’t affect her. She wasn’t upset, not in the least. All she wanted was that I have a great time and let my worries go. Amidst all this fun, she threw in a few words of advice. She said, ‘I know you’re a strong girl and you will find your way but for now enjoy this moment and turn it into a beautiful memory and always look on the bright side.’ Her words will forever be in my heart and mind. I’ve succeeded in my personal and professional life because of the confidence she has in me. She means the world to me and I love her!”

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Last words:

With all these compelling reasons, there is no reason why wouldn’t choose your mother as a travel companion. For your next trip, let her plan the trip and be your companion. It’s a sure shot way of having the best trip you’ve had in a while. Let go of your inhibitions, spread your wings, and fly away together!

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