The Western Ghats leave a trail of beauty wherever it goes… from Gujarat through Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu! They boast a rare collection of flora and fauna, nestled amidst storybook backdrops; perfect little meadows overlooking deep valleys; rivers being fed by musical waterfalls; coffee and tea plantations dotting hills; and forests opening up to crystal clear lakes. This International Day for Biological Diversity, Club Mahindra celebrates one of South India’s most awe-inspiring features. Here are some facts that may surprise you about the Western Ghats.

It is home to flowers that bloom once every 12 years

The rolling hills of the Western Ghats display a riot of colours in the form of beautiful, fragrant wildflowers. Here, you will discover one such exotic variety that blooms once every 12 years. It is called Strobilanthes kunthiana or as the locals refer to it - Neelakurinji. This purplish-blue flower can be found growing within the Shola Forests of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, lending its enchanting hues to the natural surroundings.

This International Day for Biological Diversity, why not celebrate South India’s unmistakable charm? Pack up your bags and head to Club Mahindra resorts in Kerala or Tamil Nadu for an exciting family adventure. While the precious Neelakurinji won’t come out until the year 2030, the landscapes still whisper of its magical presence.

It boasts of caves from the Stone Age period

The Western Ghats have stood the test of time, almost like guardians of the natural world. These lofty ranges cradle the mysterious Edakkal Caves, a set of rock shelters that date all the way back to 6,000 BC. Part of an ancient trade route that connects the high mountains of Mysore to the ports of the Malabar coast, these caves depict exquisite pictorial carvings that tell stories of the region’s biodiversity and culture. For the family of history buffs and geography enthusiasts, this is one of the best places to trek to. Exploring these caves is like travelling back in time to witness Mother Earth’s marvellous creations. Visit Club Mahindra Wayanad, Kerala, for a sightseeing trip like no other. We promise, you’ll remember this for a long time to come.

Eravikulam National Park Edakkal Caves Ambukutty Mala

It welcomes new species of fish

Did you know that three entirely new species of fish were discovered in the whooshing rivers of the Western Ghats in 2020? There are already a whopping 288 freshwater fish and a further 118 endemic species present within water bodies like lakes, forest swamps, deep wells, estuaries and gorges. It’s pretty much a marine paradise! The new fish genus is called 'Waikhomia Hira’, named after a renowned professor from the department of life sciences at Manipur University. If you’d like to observe many such colourful, sparkly fish that call the mountains their home, consider taking a family vacation to this natural oasis with Club Mahindra. Choose between our magnificent resorts in Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu to get an up-close and personal glimpse of the fairy-tale like marine life all around. What say?

It boasts of UNESCO World Heritage sites

The Kali Tiger Reserve of Karnataka and the Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary of Tamil Nadu are world heritage sites. If you didn’t know already, the Western Ghats is a biodiversity hotspot that contains a large percentage of the nation’s plant and animal species; many of which are found here and nowhere else in the world. From the royal Bengal tigers to the black panthers and Indian elephants, there are so many wild beasts to gaze at.

Rivers of the Western Ghats Bengal Tiger

Biodiversity in India is aplenty. In particular, the Western Ghats is an oasis that promises families a delightful holiday within nature. Wildlife lover or not, it’s hard to feel anything but absolute awe when you embark on safaris out there. And Club Mahindra curates special, wildlife-themed holidays for families to get a taste of the region’s best attractions. Simply visit one of our resorts in Kerala, Karnataka or Tamil Nadu for an experience.

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