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2020 is a year that doesn’t stop. Event after event, occurrence after occurrence, one news report after the next. We’ve been bombarded with one thing after the other – not all of them pleasant. With the news of COVID, followed by lockdowns, quarantines and working from home, you deserve a treat. You deserve a different world outside your door when you step out. You deserve to fling open the windows and draw in the sweet air of the world. To welcome the outside, instead of shutting it out.

It is hard, though, to take that step outside. What about your safety? Freedom these days comes with a mask and sanitiser and a thousand different fears. That’s why, at Club Mahindra, we took the time to assess the situation, get in touch with experts and redesign our holidays to keep you as safe as possible. So, if hotel safety is weighing heavily on your mind, hear us out. We have the solutions to offer you a safe stay at Club Mahindra resorts. 

Our Resorts

We imagine that you’ve gotten pretty comfortable in the four walls of your own home during the quarantine. At Club Mahindra, we strive to give you the same peace of mind that you have at home. Not only have we enhanced our safety and hygiene protocols, we’ve also combined in with the best-in-class technology to keep the resort safe and secure. We’ve engaged Bureau Veritas, a global leader in Inspection, Testing and Certification to inspect and certify our protocols.

Welcome with safety precaution sanitization

So, in order to enhance resort safety, we now regularly sanitise and disinfect all resort areas with hospital-grade disinfectants. We also pay special attention to high touch surfaces, like doorknobs and handles and clean them with increased frequency. Also, no matter where you wander in our resort, you’ll find some handy sanitiser to keep yourself protected.

Your room – your space with us – is thoroughly sanitised during check-out and then is rested, as per local government rules, before the next check-in.  Finally, your room key card will be sanitised and kept in a UV cupboard, before it is placed in your hands.

Our Staff

You’ve probably met and interacted with our staff from previous holidays. Or, if this is your first time with us, you should know that our staff will do their best to ensure that you have as magical a holiday as possible. With just one difference – PPEs. We’ve equipped our staff members with Personal Protective Equipment to ensure both your safety and theirs. Also, thermal screening is conducted for every staff member entering the resort. 

Our Spaces

We’re all familiar with the rule of social distancing – and with good reason. It greatly reduces the chances of catching COVID in public places. Therefore, we’ve realigned all common spaces in the resort – restaurants, lounges, conference rooms etc. to allow you to maintain the appropriate amount of distance from others. Some common areas may be shut down for resort safety – the Happy Hub, Swimming Pool, the Bar and Gyms. You can check with the resort you are visiting, and you can pre-book the activities/ workshops/ classes you’d like to enjoy, via the Club Mahindra App.

social distancing Mobile App

Our Welcome

Remember when we said we had integrated tech into our processes? Well that includes our check-in process as well. Instead of approaching the front desk with your documents and ID to check-in or check-out, you just need the Club Mahindra App and your smartphone. You can now upload your photo ID and all the required documents on the app 5 days before your holiday with us begins. When you want to check-out, you can settle all bills with us by paying via digital channels – no muss, no fuss, no unnecessary contact!

Our Restaurants

Is your stomach growling for our incredible cuisine? Well, don’t worry. When you visit a Club Mahindra Resort, you have access to our best restaurants, but we’ve sprinkled in some safety measures to make sure your meal is as peaceful as it is flavourful. You’ll need to wear your face masks and sanitise your hands before you sit down at one of our tables. All restaurants have been realigned so that you’ll continue to maintain social distancing from other guests seated at different tables. Crockery and cutlery will be sanitised in UV cupboards. If you’re not inclined to visit the restaurant, our Gourmet Express (contactless in-room dining service) will bring the food and flavour to you. We’ve also done away with our buffet option, so you can dine a la carte. You can also place your orders using your smartphone. Just browse through the restaurant menu and choose the meal you’d prefer. What will it be – the spicy Vindaloo at Club Mahindra Varca Beach, Goa? The comforting Khichdi from our kitchens in Club Mahindra Dwarka? The tangy Karimeen Pollichathu at Club Mahindra Cherai Beach, Kerala? Or the belt-straining royal Rajasthani Thali at Club Mahindra Udaipur?

Your Help

When it comes to hotel safety, we have many protocols set in place. It would all go smoothly, with a little cooperation from you. Firstly, don’t forget to wear/ carry your masks with you. Make sure you maintain social distance with the other guests. Certain Club Mahindra Resorts, like the one in Madikeri, mandate that you should have a ‘safe status’ on the Aarogya Setu app, before you enter the premises. You’ll also be subject to temperature checks before you enter – do cooperate. With a little bit of your help we can truly create the safe stay you deserve.

Your Words

We’re here to answer every question you have about our safety protocols and processes, but wouldn’t you also like to hear from other guests who have visited us?

Badal Singh Malik, a guest with Club Mahindra, had these words to share:

“I have stayed at a  Club Mahindra resort during this pandemic. Hotel staff is very helpful and they have proper safety measures required. Zero touch booking options are there.  A beautiful place to stay. Scenic views, proper parking and hygienic rooms”.

You can read more about what our guests had to say, by checking out Club Mahindra reviews on resort safety on our website. We’d also love to hear from you, about your experience with us, at the end of your stay.

If you’d like more information on resort safety, Club Mahindra membership fees and our holidays, contact us or visit our website.


  • swathi ramesh

    we have booked from 11th to 13 th oct in the name of Ramesh. Let us know how you are taking care of swimming pool in this covid situation

  • heer mehta


  • Janakari Desai

    What’s cancelation policy during covid19

  • Rashidur Islam

    Being a Club Mahindra member, I was quite upset as I haven’t been able to use the privileges and benefits of the card in 2020. But Club Mahindra resorts made it really special for me as they offered a great holiday package promising a safe and secure holiday for my family, we were scared to take a holiday, but we took the risk and there we were experiencing heaven amid a pandemic. The resort was well sanitised, and the staff took special care of social distancing, serving food in the most organised and secure manner and taking good care of our health and safety. Cleanliness was spic and span and there was no reason for us to complain about any service provided by them.

  • Aman Kumar

    I had one of the best experiences with my girl gang in august 2020 on my birthday when I took up one of the most lavish and luxurious holidays of my life to Himachal with Club Mahindra resorts. We went to the queen of hills and it was such an exotic experience, this was the first time we experienced the monsoon on Himachal, the weather was insane, but Club Mahindra resorts gave us a feel-at-home comfort and provided us with all basic necessities comforts and the much-desired luxuries. Great experience with friends wherein we took trekking and sightseeing. It was a 5 star experience at these resorts and the staff as well at our service 24 by 7. They took precautionary measures of the pandemic and made sure we have a secure and safe stay.

  • badliya nk

    It was scary to go on a holiday during Covid and lockdown, but we took the risk and we made it. It was a great holiday experience. My Club Mahindra resort reviews are of full marks.

  • Ravi Teja

    Coronavirus has been mindboggling but thanks to Club Mahindra membership reviews and holidays which gave us a lifetime experience.

  • Gagan Brar

    I have used the Club Mahindra membership and thus bought a purple card for myself, till date I’m enjoying its benefits and how kind it has been to my pocket.

  • Sing Rock

    Covid 19 has been very difficult for many of us and we thought we would lose the benefits we bought with the Club Mahindra membership card, but we didn’t. Club Mahindra reviews are honest opinions about great experiences.

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