With a majority of the world’s cities under a lockdown due to the Coronavirus outbreak, people need to find new ways to keep themselves busy during these tough times. This World Family Day (May 15), lighten up your mood and spend some quality time with your entire family! The best way to do so is by hosting a virtual party or an online party.  With many video calling apps now available, hosting such parties have become incredibly simple and super gratifying for those who miss their loved ones. Not sure how to go about it? Read on!

Select the Theme of the Party

To start your preparations off with a bang, you should pick the theme of the party so that you can plan everything else accordingly. It can be a cocktail party with pastel coloured drinks, a hyper-competitive games night, a wacky costume party or anything you’d like. The goal is to make sure everyone has a blast so make sure you pick a theme you know everyone can relate to.

Pick a Dress Code

One of the things you need to keep in mind is that you need to treat this virtual party the way you would treat a regular one. Yes, this means you need to ditch the pyjamas and dress to the nines. Make sure that you have a dress code for your party and let everyone know what it is well in advance. One way to take this to the next level is by hosting a costume party. The biggest advantage of this is that parents and children can spend hours sewing together a great costume that they can later show off. Of course, if this sounds too daunting, you can always stick to a simpler dress code such as All-Ethnic Wear, black and white outfits, summery hues, celebrity-inspired looks and so on. Just make sure the costume is easy to put together, especially considering the time we are in.

Design Beautiful Invites

Now that you know the theme and the dress code, the next thing you need to cross off your list is making an invite for all your guests. Making e-invites is incredibly easy, especially if you use free design tools that are available online. Don’t have a creative bone in your body? Don’t worry – just make sure that the invite resonates with the theme of the party – so pick the colour, graphic elements and font accordingly. Make sure you include all the important details like the time, day, theme, dress code and a hint of what to expect. You can share the e-invites via WhatsApp, or, if you want to be a bit fancier, via email.

Find Online Games to Play Together

Yes, you might end up catching up and having endless conversations during the online party but don’t let that be the sole focus of the event. You definitely need a game or two to further lighten up the mood. Don’t forget that a game truly brings people together. Online games like Houseparty, Uno, and Ludo have become incredibly popular during this time as they’ve got great multi-player features. You can always download them on your smartphone, invite your loved ones to the app, and watch their reactions on video chat while you beat them! Of course, you’ll need to use your laptop or tablet to do so.

Consider Offline Games as Well

Orchestrating a Q&A game about your family members is quite easy, and you don’t even need an app to do it! “How well do you know me?” is one game that everyone absolutely loves. Make it extra fun by doling out punishments for the wrong answers, and points for the right ones. You can also play other offline games like Dumb Charades, Antakshri, and more.

Set a Few Basic Ground Rules

Rules and parties? They don’t go together, right? Wrong! When you’re hosting an online party, you need a few ground rules to make it a success. One of the most important rules you can implement is to make sure everyone waits for their turn to speak. This may sound like a bit of a downer, but if you have a choppy internet connection, then you won’t have to keep trying to decipher strings of broken audio. Other ground rules can revolve around food and drinks – for instance, everyone must cook the same dish so that it feels like you’re all having a party in one place.

Staying indoors for a long time can affect your mood adversely. What better way to make sure you’re bursting with joy than by spending some time with the people you love? The Lockdown is arguably the best time to go back to your roots, connect with your family members and have a great time. May this World Family Day be a day to remember for all your family members in a new but special way!

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