Being confined indoors is no fun – you yearn to go out again, attend office, hang out with friends – in short, get back to your normal life. But the Government has imposed a COVID-19 lockdown for 21 days, in a bid to contain the Coronavirus outbreak. The virus has currently reached Stage III in India, when community transmission is at its peak. The curfew hopes to contain the Coronavirus infection till people are safe to venture out again.

Don’t let the COVID-19 lockdown get you and your children down. Here are some fun DIY craft ideas to double up as fun indoor activities for kids:

* Paper plate figures. The beauty of paper plates is that they are excellent for use in DIY craft projects. Grab a few plates and sit down with the kids to make lion faces and other animals. You can cut the edges with pinking shears or add tassels and other embellishments to make the ears, cheeks and mouth. Or you can even paint the plate tar black and stick things on to make Darth Vader. There is no limit to what you can do with paper plates, so get cracking on this fun indoor activities for kids.

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* Make toilet paper roll craft. Toilet paper rolls are amazing things to use for DIY craft. You can paint the roll brown and wad a painted green ball of tissue on the top, thus making a tree. Or cut the roll lengthwise, open it use it as a flat surface to paint on or cut as you want. It is possible to make an entire township, or forest, or even a row of potted plants, using toilet paper rolls, tissue/cloth balls, and your imagination.

* Paper roses. Roses are some of the prettiest flowers in the world. Did you know that you can make realistic roses out of paper? Here’s how: use cardboard or card paper. Now cut various parts of the flower: petals, a tight middle whorl, leaves and stem. Paint the different parts in any colour you like – it’s a home project, so realism doesn’t count! – and paste the petals around the whorl, slightly overlapping each other. Complete the petals, then stick on the stem and leaves. If you have a lot of thick card paper to spare, you and the kids can make a long string of roses to hang on the wall. How’s this for a fun family activity that beautifies the home?

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* Bottled lights. You probably have fairy lights from last year’s Diwali or Christmas. Since they’re just lying around, why not put them to use while you practice Coronavirus prevention by staying home? You will need glass bottles that you don’t use – coloured ones are the best – or mason jars. Make a hole in the bottle cap or the jar’s lid, large enough for the string of lights to go in comfortably. Leave the plug and a length of the cord outside the bottle or jar, and close the bottle/jar. Place the bottle/jar on a shelf or top of a table. Now plug the lights in and enjoy the sight of twinkling lights inside the bottle – switch off the other lights in the house, sit back with your spouse and a chilled drink, and enjoy the magical effect.

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